Episode 196. The Path to Your Breakthrough Year

November 6, 2023

How to Have Your Breakthrough Year: 4 Strategies from Our Blueprint

In this episode, I’m excited to share 4 key insights from our blueprint on how to have Your Breakthrough Year. This episode is for those of you that are ready to make this next year, the year that you step into a whole new category of possibility for your business, finances, and leadership. I’m talking about what’s really required to have your breakthrough year and having a year that puts you into a whole new league of success and possibility.

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4 Things from Our Blueprint That Empower Entrepreneurs for Unprecedented Growth

In the world of entrepreneurship, we often see some businesses suddenly experience exponential growth and success, while others continue to chip away at their growth over time. I believe that while consistent effort is important, it can sometimes keep you from reaching your full potential. This is where the idea of a breakthrough year comes in – a year where you make a significant leap in success.

My company has had a breakthrough year and we’ve developed a blueprint for achieving it. We’ve tested this blueprint with our clients and found that it works! We’ve created a program called “Your Breakthrough Year” that provides resources, systems, templates, tools, and trainings to help entrepreneurs have their own breakthrough year.

The Four Key Elements of the Blueprint

1. Developing a Leadership Zone

The first element of the blueprint is developing a leadership zone. This is where entrepreneurs allocate dedicated time each day to operate as the CEO of their business. This mindset shift and focus on leadership thinking and skills are crucial for growth.

2. Identifying the Deep Work 

The second element is set up with reflective questions for you to reflect and analyze on “is my life designed for deep or shallow work?” And is it reflected on how you are spending your time? The Deep Work in your business are going to be the things that set you into a whole new league in your operations and help you become known for what you do. This is truly knowing and staying in your zone of genius. 

3. Profitable Innovation

The third element is profitable innovation, which involves ideating products and services that generate cash flow and long-term profitability. By continuously innovating with a focus on profitability, entrepreneurs can ensure that their efforts are financially rewarding.

4. Prolific Creation

The fourth element is prolific creation, which is consistently delivering high-quality content across various platforms and can build a loyal following. Consider stepping into your “prolific era” by expanding your reach through speaking engagements, writing books, or creating courses. By continuously innovating with a focus on profitability, entrepreneurs can ensure that their efforts are financially rewarding.

The Blueprint to Your Breakthrough Year Program

To help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, lead with confidence, and reclaim their time, we’ve introduced the Blueprint to Your Breakthrough Year program. This program is priced at a significantly lower rate than our typical mentorship programs, making it accessible to a wider range of entrepreneurs.

We fully believe, having a breakthrough year in business is achievable with the right mindset, strategies, and tools. I hope that the insights shared in this podcast episode will inspire you to strive for your own breakthrough year. Remember, success is not an overnight process, but with consistent effort and strategic planning, you can achieve your business goals.


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