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We equip entrepreneurs with leadership development and
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Who We Are

Family people and business nerds who are obsessed with leveraging entrepreneurship as a vessel to help good people live out their potential without sacrificing what matters most.

What We Do

Teach proven methods to equip entrepreneurs with the business and leadership insights they need to get unstuck, and breakthrough to their next level of lasting success.

Why We Do It

Because a strong, thriving business leads to a strong, thriving family. Freedom and prosperity in the hands of rock-solid families will create the generation of leaders that the world needs.

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 our way allows for more profit, freedom, and margin to do what makes you come alive.

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Unlock your leadership potential,
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Shepherding maxed out entrepreneurs into a new kind of success, where you can make more, and be more, without doing more, or giving up more. 

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leadership, business, family + Legacy


leadership, business,
family + Legacy

The ultimate all-in-one resource to grow your business, lead with confidence, and unlock your potential… all in your back pocket.

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Online Resources

Put our team, tools, and step-by-step processes for massive business and personal growth right in your back pocket with our courses, resources, and systems.


Experience the breakthrough power that comes from running alongside the right leaders with the right mentorship in our highly competitive masterminds.

Direct Support

Fast-track your growth and success with direct support from our team through our life-changing intensives, mentorship, and in-person opportunities.

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The 30-minute, step-by-step guide to gain clarity, get out of the weeds of your business, and get more needle moving things done in way less time.

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“Elevating others and focusing on empowering leaders”

"Liz has a unique gift of leading from behind, meaning she is always elevating others and focusing mostly on empowering leaders with self efficacy and confidence!"


Hey, I'm Liz! But
this is a total family thing...

My husband, Michael, and I are raising our four very energetic young kids as we do our life’s work here from the barn office of our wannabe hobby farm. It’s an… adventure… 

We own and operate two successful businesses, run a top-rated podcast, speak, write for publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur, serve, homeschool, chase kids, carve out time for date nights, and try and find moments of stillness to hear what God has for us next.

I’m a strong believer that entrepreneurship is done right with family in tow. Although, I didn’t always operate that way…

What Happened Next?

The Luminary Leadership co Podcast

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The Luminary Leadership Podcast

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, it can feel like you have to choose between the life you dream of and the one you're living. We believe that success in business and success in life go hand-in-hand, and that you’re the common denominator. 

You’re a visionary, a leader, and an entrepreneur - but you’re also someone who deeply values family, legacy, and your time. So how do you balance it all? How do you reach new heights of success, while also cherishing the moments that matter most?

Leadership. And we'll show you the way...

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