The Incubator Mastermind:

For Visionaries and their Right Hand Person

The Incubator Mastermind:

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Become the Visionary Leader who confidently: Grows profit, leads the mission to success, and has more freedom while doing it

An unprecedented opportunity for Visionaries and their right hand person to optimize their business to create explosive business growth, to amplify their leadership, and to work cohesively as a well-oiled team for their most profitable and prosperous year yet!

Two heads are better
than one… 

You’re a visionary chock full of amazing ideas and the need for speed, but you often end up bogged down in the details or the fires of the day-to-day. Not any longer…

Welcome to the Incubator, where you AND your right hand person (whether it’s your assistant, operations director, project manager, integrator, business partner, or spouse) are in this mastermind together to ensure that your best ideas come to life! 

Ready to unlock your potential?

The Visionary, Right Hand Mastermind

“This is going to help us continue to grow for years to come.”

We are a visionary/integrator duo and as a visionary we started with the big vision and the strategy. But Liz did a deep dive in that tactical, how-to advice. We loved the amount of actual steps we can take that will continue to move the needle forward. We're already gaining traction with followers, building our list and better utilizing content that we already created. 

“It's impressive to see a powerful female leader who cares little about the spotlight and wholeheartedly on her impact.”

"Liz has a unique gift of leading from behind, meaning she is always elevating others and focusing mostly on empowering leaders with self efficacy and confidence."

“I was able to tap into my intuition and really get clear on what I want to do, not what I think I'm supposed to do.”

My favorite part of this experience was strategizing with Liz and really getting deep on how I can restructure my business in the way that I want. But it was also just nice to have the white space to slow down and really look at my business and take the time to think. 

- Jennifer Lormand
and Christina Walsh
-Holly Haynes
- Tiffany Neuman

Tighten your tinkler

crush the rush collective

tiffany neuman creative

Does this
sound familiar?

Does this
sound familiar?



You’re tired of living in reactionary mode, jumping from strategy to strategy (Facebook ads! Social media! Launch strategy!) without a real vision of what your business will be in five or ten years.


You've hit big goals, but now what? You know something greater is calling you, but you're not sure how to break through to your next level of success.


You have a team or are hiring, but you’re not maximizing their power (not to mention turnover), and it often feels more like a stress than the answer to your prayers.


You’re sick of living in the weeds of your business, and you’re ready to get into a leadership role and sweet spot, doing more of what makes you come alive (and what moves the needle in your business!) 


Even though you’re successful, imposter syndrome still creeps in at times. You’re ready to unlock your potential and the confidence to go with it!


You’re maxed out! You have big goals, but your capacity is at its limit and you can’t sustain like this any longer. 

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“This leadership style is deeper than your next launch, it's about your next generation!”

"Liz is more concerned about who you are becoming rather than what you are getting. And she does it all in a loving and compassionate way…. Oh and a healthy dose of sarcasm!"

Best Selling Author of Build To Last

- Keith Callahan

hey, I'm Liz  (and I get it)

I spent years stuck in a financial plateau, paying team that didn’t lead to results, and missing the moments I couldn’t get back.

So what took me from frustrated, busting my butt, and hoping that it would eventually click, to a passionate team, generating more than 5x the profit, while having the space to be present with our four kids doing more of what I love? 

I got out of the weeds and into my role as the visionary leader using the systems and strategies we now teach to our clients, and I brought an incredible team along with me for the ride! 

Now it’s your turn…

Solve your most pressing business challenges, scale smarter alongside your right hand person, and elevate you into the dynamic leader you’re meant to be. If you ever wished for a behind-the-scenes pass into how to lead yourself, your team, and your business to your next level of success, this would be it!

The Incubator: For Visionaries and their Right Hand Person


Identify what stands between where you are now, and where you are called to be. We walk you through our Visionary Blueprint process to gain clarity, cast vision, and outline the next 5 years of goals for you and your team. You will learn how to create the margin to step into the work only you can do as the Visionary! This is where you and your right hand person will build the roadmap to new heights of success.

Get on the path to passive income and learn our time saving, profit generating, systems that even the most creative visionaries can get behind! Alongside your right hand person, you will go through a personalized deep dive into your business led by our team to help you find the operations processes that work for you. Our expert Integrator, Marieanna, will help you both get into your groove, working closely with your right hand person to help them master the backend of your business (and get you out of the weeds of it).

Here's What We'll Cover

Unlock Your Visionary Potential

Solidify Your Systems

feature one

feature two

Both you and your right hand will get a behind the scenes into the little known, but massively powerful business scaling strategies that will help you to work smarter, not harder. Learn from industry experts and the Luminary Leadership Co. team about the strategic growth initiatives that will build wealth, create freedom, and expand impact. And every strategy we teach keeps family in mind, because we don’t want to help you scale at the expense of what matters most!

Business Scaling

feature four

You know all of those incredible things you want to accomplish? Or what about those insanely frustrating roadblocks or plateaus you keep experiencing? The bulk of entrepreneurs think that another golden strategy and some more elbow grease will get them there, but the real answer to the breakthrough they’re after? Leadership. Coached directly by Liz, a Leadership Advisor to high-profile and high-achieving leaders, she will help you break into a new level of leadership so you can successfully lead your team, lead in your industry, and lead yourself to your highest potential! (WARNING: She’s unconventional, and it works ;) )

Leadership Mastery 

feature Three


- brad bizjack, ceo of appreciation academy

“Liz taught me how to craft my business around my life instead of my life around my business!”

We just had a massive launch where we did $850k in five days, and I did it without stressing and while picking my daughter up from daycare and putting her to bed. I learned to identify what I value most in my life and build my success around that. My daughter is priority #1, and I was able to set up my business around my life so that I can be more present with her, and it’s been incredibly transformative. I’m a more present father, a much more present spouse, and my family comes first before my work. But it’s been incredible because we’ve also had way more success in business than ever, even with working way less.

Have the margin in your calendar to do more of what makes you come alive!

How does this sound?

Unlock the next level of income in your business with more ease.



the results you're going to get:

Have a team that’s invested in the mission with you, that fires on all cylinders.


Work seamlessly with your right hand person, who frees you up to be the visionary leader you’re called to be!


Wake up with clarity, confidence, and vision, knowing where to focus to move the needle.


Yes, I'm in!

Build a life of freedom by working smarter, not harder.


How It Works

To protect the energy, culture, and heartbeat of the Mastermind, we have an application process that ensures you’d be the right fit (and that we’d be the right fit for you!)

You Apply

This is a competitive, invite-only program, but if you’re invited based on your application, we then hop on a call to share more about what you can expect and we answer your questions.

we chat

If it aligns for us both, we invite you and your right hand person to join this round of the Mastermind. We get you locked and loaded for your most profound breakthrough and profitable year yet! 

you breakthrough

Access to private, tight knit Mastermind group (off of social), to ask questions, build strong connections, and get direct support

3 high-end, in person retreats with expert guests, laser coaching, and in-depth masterminding to fast-track your growth 

A deep-dive business assessment with our Integrator in order to help you create the systems and roadmap to success

Become a Luminary Partner, where we drive our marketing spend and leads directly to you as one of our trusted partners

Personality intensive for you and your right hand person, so immediately help you both get into your sweet spots

3, one-on-one calls with Liz and members of her team to help you laser in on the exact strategies and leadership development you need to see growth

Inside the Incubator, you'll get...

apply now!

Voxer access to Liz, her team, and the Mastermind group throughout the duration of the program

Templates and resources to help you set up dashboards and data analysis to optimize your efforts

Full access to the Business Breakthrough Blueprint: A backstage pass to everything that’s helped us scale for freedom, including courses on how to build your dream team, leadership growth training, and practical business strategies taught step-by- that you can reference whenever your need them!

Regular calls with Liz and industry experts to teach business strategy, leadership, and to mastermind specific focuses within your business

Direct Coaching for your right hand person in systems, operations, and team management from our Integrator, and direct leadership coaching for you from Liz

“The growth we've experienced over the past year and a half is a game changer.”

We've launched a couple new businesses, which were entirely not on the radar before. So just really elevating our vision and our creativity and all of the things really stemmed from this.

Yes, It Really Works

“I highly recommend this program. It will challenge you and elevate you in new ways.”

I feel incredibly challenged to continue to raise my game in the way I show up in my business, and also the way I show up in my life to be more of a leader and have more intention around my interactions with my team members, with important people in my personal life, and also with my clients.

“Working with Elizabeth and Michael has really helped me understand what it means to be a leader in my company.”

There's a lot of people out there who'll talk about leading and 10 x-ing your business. But really for me, it was showing up authentically to my team, leading from a heart-based place and making decisions that were in alignment with long-term goals. And that has significantly shifted my business.

- Micah and
Jd  Folsom
-Nikki Raush
- Michelle Cooper

Micah Folsom Fit and Folsom Farm Beef

Your Sales Maven

Alchemy accounting

Hey, I’m Liz, and I’m a Business & Leadership Advisor to high-profile leaders and high-achieving entrepreneurs, and I’m a homeschooling mama of four! 

After over a decade of mentoring high-achievers, visionaries, and leaders, here’s what I know to be true:

If the right business strategies aren’t implemented by the leader you need to be to carry them out successfully, the business bottlenecks at the visionary. 

What got us here, won’t get us there. And “there” is just a mirage without the visionary leadership and team to propel us forward. 

trade in the grind for the glide…

But it wasn't always this way.

My barometers of success are now...

how I raise my children, the freedom in my schedule, whether I’m prolific in my work, and the wealth I’m building (and the impact I can make with it) –

and that’s the wisdom I want to impart to other entrepreneurs so they can become a generation of inspiring leaders instead of grinding away as the unfulfilled bottleneck in their business.

So how can you solve the mystery of scaling to (or into your next) 7-figures and beyond while carving more time for your family, living in integrity with your values, and accessing more freedom?

By being in partnership with the right people, who are in the right roles, leveraging the right systems, with the right vision. It makes business growth fun!

That's why we've created a mastermind program unlike any other, where you AND your right hand person (assistant, operations director, project manager, integrator, business partner, or spouse) are in this mastermind with you to ensure that your best ideas come to life!

No more masterminds where you just collect info and struggle to know what to do with it, or worse, feel even more overwhelmed by more things you need to do.

We often hire or take action thinking it will relieve us from our burdens, only to find that it adds more to our to-do lists, creates stress, and costs us time and money.

Instead (alongside your right hand), learn our framework to create unbelievable momentum and mission focus within your team that leads to growth in profit, margin for you as the visionary, and a cohesive team that's invested in the vision.

This is for you if:

You’re ready to make a stratospheric leap in your business

You rolL solo, both in your business and in how you grow

You’re open to growing in leadership and influence

You have already nailed all systems, team, and leadership

You know there’s another level for you

It's probably not for you if...

You’re looking for another short-cut strategy 

i'm ready!

We are a visionary/integrator duo and as a visionary we started with the big vision and the strategy. But Liz did a deep dive in that tactical, how-to advice. We loved the amount of actual steps we can take that will continue to move the needle forward. We're already gaining traction with followers, building our list and better utilizing content that we already created. 

- Jenn Lormand and Christina Walsh

“This is going to help us continue to grow for years to come.”



She is smart, emotionally intelligent, and stunningly radiant. Over the years she has inspired me and equipped me to answer my own desire and call for more as an entrepreneur. The impact and growth I'm experiencing today is a direct result of knowing and working with this era's leader guru.

- Monica Smith

“I knew I was in the presence of an influential leader the minute I met Liz!”



I never would have imagined I could launch a podcast and a coaching program in less than four months in!

- Holly Haynes

“Hands down my business and work/life balance is 110% better since joining this mastermind!”



The Luminary Leadership Incubator Growth Space Promise

Incubators, masterminds, or any group experience can elicit fear from many successful entrepreneurs. You don’t want to be “found out.” If you join an incubator and get honest about your challenges, your numbers, your profits – people will know the truth.

But, in order to achieve the next level of success or even the next level of peace and clarity you’re craving, you have to crack open, get vulnerable, and share those challenges. You have to ask for help. And as an entrepreneur, that can be one of the scariest things to do.

Safe Space


Simply Put:

we’ve got you, and we’ll all exhale a deep, collective breath as we finally feel like we are in the right place to grow.

We honor this unique challenge and have created a Safe Space Promise within our incubator. When officially accepted, each member signs a binding agreement of confidentiality.

We also develop containers within the incubator for open sharing without judgment,  where it’s safe to grow and to become the leader you’re called to be.

Apply here!

We completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Our clients take the leap knowing that the ROI on this program will take them so far beyond what they invest here. Here's a good rule of thumb: make the choice as the leader you're called to be.

Still on the fence?


Creating Influential Leaders in Entrepreneurship: BTS + big news only shared to my insiders!