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We love serving ambitious entrepreneurs like you who are ready to break through to their next level of potential in business, leadership, and life. This is how we do it.

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Do you ever get that feeling that you’re called beyond where you are today, but something must be blocking you from getting there, or else you'd be there by now? We get it. And we’ve got your back.

Whether it’s your next level of financial success, that best-seller that’s been beckoning to you to write it, or just an overall leap in your confidence and capacity to step into what’s calling you — it’s time to make it happen! So what’s the secret formula that will make this time different?

Aligned Strategies + Visionary Leadership = Unlocked Potential.

Conveniently, that’s what we do best.

Ways We Work With You:

Online Resources

Put our team, tools, and step-by-step processes for massive business and personal growth right in your back pocket with our courses, resources, and systems.


Experience the breakthrough power that comes from running alongside the right leaders with the right mentorship in our highly competitive masterminds.

Direct Support

Fast-track your growth and success with direct support from our team through our life-changing intensives, mentorship, and in-person opportunities.

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“We often have all of these distractions that prevent us from really being able to dive deep. I was able to tap into my intuition and really get clear on what I want to do, not what I think I’m supposed to do.”

- Tiffany Neuman

How does this sound?

results we've seen over and over:


Cast a crystal clear vision that aligns your most ambitious business dreams with your most valued priorities


Dig into the proven and little known strategies that help you grow the business that leads to true freedom and prosperity


Stop spinning your wheels, stuck in your to-do list, and get into your sweet spot focused on what makes you come alive (and what moves the needle)


Unlock your potential so you can become the leader who can confidently achieve your mission in business and at home


Live your legacy today, instead of grinding away for the hope of someday


The luminary leadership library of

The proven leadership development and business strategies that help you unlock your highest potential, and lead to your wildest success.

The Visionary Blueprint


Blueprint for visionary leaders to create the roadmap for the life you are meant to live, using their business as the vessel to get there.

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Incubator: Visionary, Right Hand Mastermind

The Mastermind for Visionaries and their right hand person to create explosive business growth, amplify their leadership, and work as a cohesive team for your most profitable year!

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Your Breakthrough Year

The ultimate all-in-one resource to grow your business, lead with confidence, and unlock your potential… all in your back pocket.

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The Prosperous Team Intensive

The proven 6-week intensive for eliminating plateaus, inspiring your dream team, and scaling with ease.

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An extensive Workbook walking you through our proven process to get you out of the weeds in your business and into the leadership role that allows you to breakthrough to your next level of possibility!

The Visionary Blueprint

Here at the Luminary Leadership Co., we’re a family-run business made up of high-achieving entrepreneurs who feel deeply passionate about our mission in helping you unlock your leadership potential for a thriving business, and a life you’re called to live. We understand what it’s like to feel called to your next level in business, while deeply valuing your freedom, family, and legacy.

We created a proven process—used time and again in our own business, and in serving our top clients—to break through your financial plateaus, reach your incredible goals, and to do it all while ensuring that what matters most in your life is fully intact. 

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Go from busy entrepreneur in the weeds of your business to an influential leader crafting a legacy. This is the Blueprint for visionary leaders to create the roadmap for the life they are meant to live, using their business as the vessel to get there.

What's inside?

A 90-day, one-year, and 3-5 year goal setting and visionary process that industry leaders use to scale with more ease and speed.

The little-known secrets to create your crystal clear vision, to identify your gaps that are slowing you down, and to craft the step-by-step plan to unlock your leadership potential and business growth.

And more!!

“What you get out of this adventure is going to be beyond your expectations.”

- Stacey Isetta


Who We Are…

We’re a family-run business made up of entrepreneurs who understand the dance of pursuing a calling in business, while honoring the other top priorities in life. We’ve been through it all on the climb from trading time for money, to building a thriving business that created true freedom for our family.

And that’s what we’re really great at here at Luminary Leadership Co…

We equip you with the business strategy alongside the leadership wisdom to help you unleash your highest potential as a leader. We’ve pulled every lesson, tool, resource, and strategy from over a decade of impressive growth and mentoring hundreds and hundreds of high-achievers, and we share what works.  

And that's what you’ll get in every product, resource, and opportunity to work with us — a launching pad into what’s next for you, unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. 

We’re the right fit for you, if…

You’re ready to trade in the flexibility of entrepreneurship for true freedom

You know there’s another level of possibility for you and want to tap into it

You care deeply about what matters most in life, like family, a life well lived, and legacy

You want to become the leader you know you’re made to be

You have a good sense of humor and a heart for learning


Don't you
think it's
trade in the
grind, for the

i'm ready!

“The growth we've experienced over the past year and a half is a game changer.”

We've launched a couple new businesses, which were entirely not on the radar before. So just really elevating our vision and our creativity and all of the things really stemmed from this.

Yes, It Really Works

“I highly recommend this program. It will challenge you and elevate you in new ways.”

I feel incredibly challenged to continue to raise my game in the way I show up in my business, and also the way I show up in my life to be more of a leader and have more intention around my interactions with my team members, with important people in my personal life, and also with my clients.

“Working with Elizabeth and Michael has really helped me understand what it means to be a leader in my company.”

There's a lot of people out there who'll talk about leading and 10 x-ing your business. But really for me, it was showing up authentically to my team, leading from a heart-based place and making decisions that were in alignment with long-term goals. And that has significantly shifted my business.

- Micah and
Jd  Folsom
-Nikki Raush
- Michelle Cooper

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