the proven method

for eliminating plateaus, inspiring your team, and scaling with ease.

A breakthrough program helping maxed-out visionaries solidify their empowered dream team, and get into their sweet spot in just 6 weeks, for their most profitable, stress-free year! This is a customized program that helps successful entrepreneurs finally get out of the weeds of their businesses and into the leadership role that allows them to breakthrough to their next level of massive success and possibility.

How can we serve?

let's talk about it:

We understand the frustration, wasted time, and wasted money that comes with trying to lead a team without the proper systems, leadership tactics, and mission driven team members.

Well, the Prosperous Team Blueprint allows you to bring our leadership and integration experts in with our already created systems, strategies, and leadership development methods that will help you break through personal and business plateaus in a short window of time (and for the long term). 

ready to dive in?

Want to overcome this stuff
once and for all?

Want to overcome this stuff
once and for all?

(Any of this sound familiar?)


Turnover and Wasted Money: Say goodbye to the cost and hassle of constantly training and onboarding new team members. Our program will teach you how to attract and retain mission-driven teammates, ensuring a stable and efficient team.


Wrong Hires: No more wasted time and resources on bad hires. We'll teach you how to attract the right people, identify key qualities, and provide you with the systems and templates that lead to success.


Uncertainty and Stress: Replace stress and uncertainty that comes with hiring, onboarding and/or managing a team of any size with systems and clarity so you can thrive!


Tasks, On Tasks, On Tasks: Stop being bogged down by to-do lists and putting out fires, sapping your energy and time for what will actually move the needle in your business. Our Blueprint will help you streamline your processes and systems, allowing you to focus on growth and vision for your business.


Financial Plateaus: Sick of seeing the same numbers when you have big goals on the brain? We help you leverage the power of team for growth and success.


Frustration: No more frustration with an underperforming team. Our program will teach you how to identify your leadership gaps and build a team culture that inspires and motivates your people.

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So, who will support you through this process? 

Liz, our resident leadership expert

Liz will be by your side throughout the duration of the program helping you break through limiting beliefs, business and personal plateaus, and working with you to build a mission and culture that shifts everything!

Marieanna, Luminary's Integrator

Marieanna will use her systems, hiring, and onboarding skills to help you completely revamp the backend of your business as you know it! The hiccups and roadblocks that once slowed you down (and drove you nuts) will be replaced with systems and strategies that tee you up for massive success, and stand the test of time!

Katie, Our personality/Mind Reader

Her work leading large corporate teams in personality and leadership has made her our secret weapon! She will help you assess your leadership style and gaps while also helping you get into the minds of your team members. You will go from managing employees, to leading passionate team members who contribute to your success daily!

How It Works

You apply

Fill out our in-depth application so we can get a better sense of how we can serve you. 

we chat

Let’s hop on a call to outline the process, answer your questions, and align next steps.

we go

Once the stars align, it’s go time! We have a step-by-step process that will support you and your team!

How does this sound for a breakthrough?

the results you're going to get:


Magnetize the Right People: Discover the secrets to attracting your dream team and leading a mission that sets you apart and inspires success.


Team Culture that Sets You Apart: We help you develop a team culture that has staying power! You’ll confidently lead in your mission, and have loyal team members who want to follow you.


Out of the Tasks and Into Your Sweet Spot: Stop wasting your precious time on the day-to-day stuff that’s keeping you from growth. Finally get into your rightful spot as the leader of your business!


Solid Mission and Business: We help you clarify your mission and business goals, leading to a more invested and aligned team.


Systems and Plans for Success: No more confusion and disorganization. Learn how to leverage our efficient systems and plans, allowing you to scale with speed and ease.


ROI that Goes Far Beyond Your Investment: Invest in your success today and see a return on investment that will take your business to new levels of possibility. 

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Is This Right For You?

You’re overwhelmed and not maximizing your team

You’re still often stuck in the tasks of the day-to-day

You experience turnover or the wrong hires

You need better systems that will help your business grow faster

You’re tired of feeling stuck and want to breakthrough to what’s next

You want a team that’s as invested in your mission as you

Hiring and onboarding templates that will help magnetize the right hires and weed out the wrong ones 

An in-depth prosperity manual for you and your team to use during and after the program

A full resource hub where you'll have ongoing access to all of our hiring and onboarding training and systems.

Resources for your current team (and any new hires), saving you time, money, and ensuring team members hit the ground running (in the right direction!) 

Kick off with a virtual half-day intensive, with key team players included. This intensive format allows you to have quick and powerful breakthroughs both as a leader, and for your team

Have access to our leadership team for six weeks, both for you and your team members, to help you implement and overcome challenges that have held you back in the past

What’s Included with This Powerful Program?

Three deep-dive calls focused on the 3 key areas of growth: systems, team, and leadership

Incredible personality testing, training, and repositioning for you and your team to help you get everyone into their zones of genius and producing for the mission

Voxer access to our team for support to guide you through future hires, trouble spots, and continued fast-track growth

The option to add on an in-person intensive day to help you build future offerings, team strategy, and map out your next 3-5 years of wins!

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Sounds like it’s time… 

Apply now, and let’s chat!

This is for the maxed out entrepreneur who's ready to finally become the visionary leader they’re called to be! You aren’t meant to go it alone. As much as team feels like an expense, stress, or one more thing to manage, this process will make your team your most powerful asset, and you’ll come out as the leader who is ready to guide them! Make business fun again while making this your most profitable, prosperous year yet!

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