Episode 194: How to Build a Business that Stands the Test of Time

playing the long game in business

October 23, 2023

The Visionary Leader: A Guide to Long-Term Business Growth

There are four key things you need to understand and leverage to be a successful leader who’s growing their business and playing the long game. Way too many people give in to the immediate gratification culture of society in general, but especially when it comes to business, they focus on the things that can feel good in the moment, that can get them a quick win, that can show evidence they’re “successful” because they have the followers or they aim at the flashy stuff, like a certain number of followers, but a true leader is thinking ahead. 

So in this episode, I want to break down these four areas you have to be focusing on to build a business that stands the test of time, one that might start slow and steady, but these things combined cause a shift into an exponential trajectory of growth, success, and big time wins with you at the helm of your business.

Let’s dive in!

The Four Pillars of Visionary Leadership

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of immediate gratification and quick wins. However, as leaders, we need to think ahead and plan for the future. I’ve identified four key areas that leaders should focus on to build a business that stands the test of time.

1. Be a Visionary Leader 

The first area is casting vision. It’s not enough to simply set a vision and forget about it. We need to consistently align our day-to-day actions with our long-term vision. This sounds kind of an esoteric concept, but it’s not just how you think, it’s actually what you do. The premise behind this is you are a future thinker as a business owner and are doing the things in the day to day that support that future vision. I recommend carving out time in your schedule for reflection and contemplation. This is when you can make tweaks to the vision and ensure that your actions align with it.

2. Recognizing Success as Cumulative

Success is cumulative. The failures you’ve had, the wins you had, although they don’t dictate what’s possible in the future, they have built on each other to craft you into the leader you need to be. When you realize success is cumulative, you don’t make those knee jerk reactions. You stop operating from a place of reactive nature or responding to what’s coming into your world or your circumstances and being proactive.

Knowing that when you’ve experienced a failure, you’re going through that process to extract the lessons from that failure and to make that failure profitable. Failures and wins build upon each other to shape a leader. I encourage leaders to avoid knee-jerk reactions and instead be proactive, extracting lessons from failures and making them profitable. Understanding that success is not an overnight achievement but a result of continuous adjustments and improvements is crucial.

3. Grow Yourself Before the Business

Personal growth is a vital aspect of leadership. As leaders, we need to grow ourselves before our businesses can reach the desired levels of success. It’s important to address any habits or past experiences that may be holding you back and preventing your business from reaching its full potential. 

4. The Health of the Business is Primary

Prioritizing leadership and thinking like a leader in all aspects of your business is crucial. Regularly checking in on your habits, thought patterns, and values to ensure you are operating with integrity and making decisions that align with your goals is key. 

Maintaining the health of your business is also essential. This includes making decisions based on the long-term success of your company, rather than short-term gains. I encourage leaders to have a consistent pulse check on the health of their business, understanding their numbers, and making decisions accordingly.

Your Breakthrough Year

I want to invite you to join the waitlist for my program, “Your Breakthrough Year.” This program will provide strategies and support for taking your business to the next level. By committing to this program, you can experience significant growth, confidence, and freedom in your business and personal life by becoming a visionary leader who plans for the long term. This is the key to building a sustainable and successful business. 

I hope these insights inspire you to take your leadership and business to the next level.

I hope these insights inspire you to take your leadership and business to the next level.



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