Episode 48: How to Get Out of the Weeds to Create a Future Thinking Business

December 20, 2021


One of the most common themes among you, my listeners, is that you feel like you’re so in the weeds of today, that it’s hard to see how the vision is actually gonna play out. You have vision, but you can’t see how those dots connect.

The common thread among entrepreneurs who feel the glory of that wholesome success in both their life’s work and in their homes with the people they love, is that they are present in today without feeling stuck in the weeds and committed to building a future-thinking business. 

So, where do you start? What deserves your focus as you go from being constantly on defense and reactionary to offense? Well, I’m going to tell you exactly that in today’s episode and the end result will be you feeling aligned and hopeful for what’s next!


[2:13] Proactively Developing The Vision

I’m a dreamer by nature. I’m regularly envisioning the future and possibilities of what we are going to do as a company and what it’s all going to look like. But I remember a time where I felt like I was totally out of congruence, almost out of integrity with reality and what I was dreaming of. I had my vision on one side and the work I was doing on the other, but they weren’t connecting. 

When I started to study the people that I admired in all areas of life, I saw that they weren’t living life on defense. They were not reacting or responding but they were proactively developing the vision. And those two worlds did connect for them. They could see clearly where they were going, but they also saw what was necessary in order to get there.

[4:40] Trajectory Is Greater Than a Goal

We often operate “one goal at a time” or maybe even ‘multiple goals at a time”. We’re jumping from stone to stone. But those stones aren’t necessarily leading us into the future or the vision or the journey that we actually want to be on. So when you connect those goals, what’s the trajectory? Where are you really aiming and going? You could be setting goals that are taking you away from where you’re called to go. 

The trajectory is more important than that next thing you’re planning, even that next year you’re planning. You have to look off into the distance. And the way you do that is by drawing that line from thing to thing and looking at the actual trajectory and is it taking you where you want to go? Because you have to be rooted in that reality. You have to be willing to look at the goals you’re setting or look at the actions you’re taking and say to yourself: “Is this ultimately leading me there? Or is it leading me away from it?” That’s leadership.

[9:30] Hiring for Where You’re Going

I totally understand the feeling of hiring out of desperation or immediate need. You’re drowning, there’s too much on your plate and sometimes it’s necessary. But it’s not a part of the plan to take you somewhere new, it’s to plug a sinking ship.

When people operate continually on the defense or in the weeds, they’re hiring to plug those holes, they’re not hiring for that future vision they have, they’re hiring to fill an immediate need. 

But, you don’t have to just hire for where you are today, for the needs of the right now. You want to hire for where you’re going. If you are in a situation where there is a need and you go to make that hire, you don’t want it just to be reactionary. Maybe it’s what you need today, but take into consideration that future vision when you make that hire. Are you taking into account the culture that you’re trying to create within your company, the people you will need to bring the vision to fruition? 

As you make those hires, start thinking again about that trajectory and who you need to fill those gaps, in order to proceed to that beautiful vision that you have. 

Also, do not hire a person assuming that they will be the solution. As a leader, you craft that solution. Instead, see this person as a part of the mission in bringing that solution to life. Don’t hire just for talent and sit back and wait for them to solve it for you, that’s poor leadership. Hire because you see them as an integral part of the journey forward.

[19:45] You Are Not a Cookie to Fit Inside a Cookie Cutter

Another important piece of building future-thinking business is letting go of what the gurus’ are telling you and breaking free of comparing yourself to your peers.

The things you see on social media, the things you read about on different blogs, the things you hear in your earbuds – it’s never the full picture, nor is it representative of you or your mission. 

You’re scrolling on Instagram and you have that twinge of jealousy or you’re beating yourself up because you’re not where you’re meant to be. Does this sound familiar? You have to take ownership of the fact that is simply weight attached to your ankle as you try to pursue this dream. 

There are so many gurus out there trying to tell you this is one size fits all. And it’s a bunch of bull. Do you want to tap into where you’re called to go or do you want to keep being distracted by these people that are claiming to have the secret? 

I will never claim to have a secret. I share what has worked for me and I encourage everyone to make it their own. The reason why we keep our programs tight is so that we can really get under the hood of each and every person’s business and come up with the right game plan and roadmap and possibility and values that align with who they are, not who I think they should be, or what will make them their next buck at the expense of the things that actually matter to them.

[22:33] Taking Risks 

Action breeds answers. 

So, for all of you who are sitting there trying to map out your next thing, without taking any kind of risk or action and expecting to get accurate answers within your vacuum, know that it just doesn’t work that way. 

Like with everything in life that is worth achieving, obtaining, having, experiencing – it will not come to you by playing it safe, it will not come without risk.

[24:55] You Have to Evolve if You Want Your Business to Evolve

The final step in this process is to identify who you actually are called to be in order to do the things you want to do and to start living as that person today.

What are the habits that you have that are holding you back from your next level? What are the thoughts that you’re thinking that are slowing you down in pursuit of your dreams? What are your standard operating procedures both in your own life and in your business that are a detriment to where you say you want to go? 

This will require some serious stripping down of what’s holding you back and it will not be easy…but you didn’t sign up for easy.

If this episode speaks to you, please hit that follow button on your podcast player and share this so that we can continue to bring you the content that is going to move the dial in the life that you’re called to live. 


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