Episode 132: Family First Part 3: Missing Your Mojo? My Process for Getting It Back

October 10, 2022

THIS IS THE FINAL PART OF OUR THREE-PART SERIES! (so, if you haven’t tuned in to the previous two Monday episodes, make sure you catch up on them!)

We’re ending this series by talking about how to get your mojo back. 

When you’re an entrepreneur there is always a certain point where you feel like you’ve lost your energy and your spark for your work. That shift from losing sleep because you’re too excited to losing sleep because you’re too stressed out. 

Today we’re talking all about those soul sucking moments. Why is it that we get there and how do we get out of it? 

If you want to follow along make sure you go to and snag our free 30 minute game plan that will help you gain clarity, reduce overwhelm and make the space to live your vision as a wildly successful family-first entrepreneur!


[2:16] The Yips of Entrepreneurship 

There was a time in your business and in your life where you just had that spark, you were energized by your work, even if it was hard work. You were inspired by possibility while you were doing that hard work; and now it just drains you. What once fed your soul is now sucking it dry, and how you show up at home probably mirrors that, it lacks the heart that your family deserves. 

Seven years ago, I experienced my very first dose of this. First few years of my business, I was running on passion and then all of a sudden, it hit me. I felt like I lost my mojo and a peer of mine captured my feeling in an old baseball phrase – the yips. This is where a baseball player has this sudden inability to do what they were once good at, and they’re starting to question if they’ve still got it. And that’s exactly how I felt. But then I realized that I hadn’t lost my mojo; I had misplaced it. I was just missing a few key elements that would allow for me to get swept back up in possibility, creativity and the future vision of where I’m going.

These things happen, and it’s a cyclical thing. You’re not going to forever live in that peak state, so having the tools in your belt to know how to shift it more quickly and not have to live in it for years is crucial. And that’s what we’re talking about today – where this is coming from, why it’s happening and what you can do about it.

We have a tremendous tool that will help you in this process, so make sure you go to and snag our 30 minute game plan to gain that clarity, to reduce that hurry and overwhelm and to finally make that space to live your vision as a wildly successful family-first entrepreneur.

[7:31] Bad Habits Lead to…

The first reason that we drift into this is because we drift into bad habits. You were once the visionary, you had new ideas, and you took risks. Then little by little, you unconsciously built yourself a new box of to-do lists, deadlines, routines and habitual motions. And ultimately, this took the joy from the ride you were initially on as a new entrepreneur – that entrepreneur who had vision and spark. Now, you try to keep your head above water as you fulfill your entrepreneurial obligations each day. And that’s not how it’s designed to be. 

I’m not saying that you should throw away those to-do lists. I’m saying you need to bring in more margin to innovate, to create, to be prolific in your work, to have fun again, to come alive and to know where you’re going with such confidence and fire that you plow through those to-dos so fast because you’re hungry to move on to the thing that’s actually going to matter in your business.

[9:32]  Where Do You Thrive 

The second reason is, you’ve stepped out of what makes you come alive. So, on top of doing all these things that you have to do because it’s maintenance work, you’ve stepped out of the stuff that brings you joy. Do you even know where you thrive anymore? Have you taken on so much, and you’re juggling so many things, that you’ve lost sight of your true sweet spot, your zone of genius?

When you’re doing what makes you feel alive, you ultimately breathe new life into your business, which breathes new money, new clients and new possibilities into the business. Otherwise, you get stuck in this “hamster wheel” mindset that lacks leadership and completely keeps you out of the realm of possibility. You keep convincing yourself that it’s just a season that you’ll get through, when in fact it’s not. It’s a habit. It’s who you have become. 

The only way to grow in your business is identifying your sweet spot, your zone of genius.

[15:09]  Mission Critical Things  

When I was going through this, I noticed that there were some mission critical things that weren’t getting much of my love and attention because I was so focused on the minutiae:

  • First and foremost, leading myself. I wasn’t starting my day in prayer, I wasn’t journaling about how the day was going to go, I wasn’t reading books or consuming content that was helping me expand my way of leadership thinking and challenging myself to grow. I wasn’t studying, because I had too much work to do. 
  • Also, I was not creating the whitespace and the margin for contemplation, introspection, and vision. I am the owner of my business. That is 100% my responsibility. And if my company is missing a vision, that completely pollutes every member of my team and every customer that comes in. 
  • Another thing that was mission critical that I wasn’t doing was leading my team. Not just managing my team, I was doing plenty of management, but I wasn’t leading them. I wasn’t connecting with them. I wasn’t finding out what they needed and what would help them grow and tap into their zone of genius and their sweet spot and make them come alive in their work. 
  • I also wasn’t being proactive, and building for what’s three years ahead, because I had to build for what was three minutes ahead. I wasn’t being prolific in my content creation in my own works and my own thoughts. I was looking at what everybody else was doing. And I was consuming but I wasn’t creating from within. I wasn’t speaking those works and those words and those innovations and thoughts into the world because I just had to get the stuff done.
  • And finally, I had to make sure that 80% of my time was dedicated to mission critical things. And this was one of the most freeing parts of my growth and development. This was one of the biggest needle movers in my business.

[18:48]  Frazzled to Laser Focused 

I feel so strongly about this being a missing link for so many entrepreneurs that I’ve included it in today’s show for you in the Frazzled to Laser Focused, our 30 minute game plan that’s going to walk you through this process of figuring out your sweet spot.

This is how you get laser focused and start to see and feel the change that you’re dreaming of. This is how you get clarity, reduce that overwhelm and hurry and make the space to live your vision as a wildly successful family-first entrepreneur. Your family will be the beneficiary of this work, not just your business, because this is probably being mirrored in your home. There’s no way around it. You don’t get to compartmentalize who you are and sometimes it’s easy to convince ourselves that if we just keep pushing through this busy season, then we’ll be on the other side of this thing, and we finally get to show up the way we want to for our family and the way they deserve us.

You know this isn’t a season. You know this is your reality until you refocus. You need clarity. You need to be laser focused. And despite what the culture of entrepreneurship tells you, that won’t come from running faster, or doing more. In the Frazzled to Laser Focused game plan we don’t just walk you through our strategy for getting your mojo back; we get super tactical, we determine the non negotiables for you and your team, we help you identify where your energy is most powerful so you can start to see the progress that you’re actually after. We get you out of the weeds of your work and into that flyover zone where you have the perspective you need to actually see what’s next and what’s next. You have not lost your mojo, you have just misplaced it. So, if this sounds like something you need, make sure you get your hands on Frazzled to Laser Focused at

I hope today’s episode helps you become that family-first entrepreneur you’re called to be, and get that clarity and that vision you need to fully access the next level of entrepreneurship!

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