Episode 3: What’s Raising Luminaries?

July 19, 2021

As a business leadership strategist and a mom of three who is passionate about raising up that next generation of leaders, looking at my three kiddos I realized that I wanted to do entrepreneurship differently.

Society is failing the next generation and once a week on this show, we’re doing something to change that. Whether you’re a parent with your own little luminary or you want to heed the call of impacting those trailing you, this short but sweet episode will give you guidance and inspiration that you can bring around your dinner table or into your community. You want to create your legacy? Here’s where you start – let’s raise them up right!


[00:15] Welcome to the Heartbeat of Luminary Leadership

My own mission, as well as the mission of Luminary Leadership Company and this podcast, is raising luminaries. The second episode of Luminary Leadership Podcast each week will be dedicated to raising up little leaders of our own.  

[1:49] Is our Vision at Their Expense?

A lot of us got into business with a vision of something better, not only for ourselves but for our families and, specifically, for our kids. But at what point did it become at their expense? We are all trying our best not to screw up our kid, working tirelessly both in business and in our homes to get it right, but on top of that our society is literally no help at all. Society isn’t telling your kids that they’re born to lead, it’s telling them they are born to be a victim. It’s encouraging them to get lost in their screens, to judge other people and to fit into a certain mold.

[3:38] My Own “Ways of Old”

Part of my mission was inspired by my family’s call to capture the ways of old that we miss. My husband and I moved out to a farm in Wisconsin, with the intention to preserve the pieces of our childhood that we want our kids to be able to experience. We want them to have the space, the chance, the opportunity to figure things out, to learn, to play; and we want to marry that with the positives of today. 

[6:07] Raising Luminaries

 The first episode of Luminary Leadership Podcast each week is dedicated to raising up this generation of leaders (that’s us!) and building strong businesses and brands that allow us, not only to be the person we’re called to be, but supporting this vision we have for our lives. The second episode of Luminary Leadership Podcast each week – Raising Luminaries, is dedicated to helping us raise our own little luminaries. To give them the best chance of becoming the people they’re called to be and to live the purpose that they have on their hearts.

[9:12] This is a Home for You

 Each week in Raising Luminaries we will challenge the status quo for our kids, because they deserve that from us. In today’s episode, we’re just setting the stage; sometimes it’s going to be a powerful story with a lot of wisdom, sometimes it’s going to be something you can implement right away with your little luminaries, but it will always hit home for you and for your kids. We’re not just raising luminaries, we are raising ourselves to leadership for all and this is the home to grow into it.


Head over to Instagram and let me know what you think of Raising Luminaries. I really want to hear from you!


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