Episode 4: My Secret For Your Next Big Breakthrough

July 19, 2021

Today’s episode is all about setting the stage for the work that we’re doing at the Luminary Leadership Company and what we are intending to do with each and every one of you who are listening in. We exist to change how things are being done, more specifically, in the world of entrepreneurship, small businesses and the way we raise our children. We don’t want to just help you build an empire, we want you to see that your empire follows your leadership evolution, not the other way around.

Today, I am breaking down a four-part framework that I’ve developed out of my own necessity and then ultimately to serve my clients and it’s not only going to help you, but you can use this at home with your kids, you can use it with your team, with your clients, with whomever you seek to elevate.

What I love about today’s episode is that it’s going to serve you no matter where you are in your process: whether you are speaking on the world’s biggest stages, or dreaming of breaking into your next level of financial success, or signing copies of your best seller to a line of people, or trying to navigate providing for your family as a small business owner without missing out on the special moments- this episode is for you. 


[00:15] The Mission of the Luminary Leadership Company

In the very beginning of today’s episode, I walk you through our mission at the Luminary Leadership Company, as well as this podcast. We exist to change how things are being done, more specifically, in the world of entrepreneurship, small businesses and the way we raise our children. We don’t want to just help you build an empire, we want you to see that your empire follows your leadership evolution, not the other way around.You’re not going to be granted the level of leadership you want just based on a position alone, so we’re flipping things on its head.

[2:53] Is Freedom Really Attainable?

How many times have you asked yourself this question? We do things painfully out of order. We’re taught to fake it till we make it. In today’s social media era, we’re supposed to create this persona, sometimes under the disguise of creating a personal brand, and we give the illusion that it is us because that is what we think people want to see or hear. And so we hustle, and we grind, and we study, and we learn and we buy the next thing…it is time for a change.

[4:38] BARS Framework

I came up with this Bars Framework a few years ago. After mentoring many of my clients through big business wins, I would see one of a few things happening after the fact: they didn’t feel fulfilled by it, or they move right on to the next thing, or there wouldn’t be any evidence of ongoing growth, or they’d get burned out, etc.

[6:41] The First Step – Believe

 Okay, don’t write me off…keep reading (listening). I know you’re ambitious. I know you have the vision, I know you have the goals and the work ethic, but I’m talking at a cellular level, your unconscious self – does it believe in possibility?

[10:41] The Second Step – Achieve

Simply, get to work and do what is necessary to achieve your goals. We’re all very capable of that, but most of us stop here though because that’s good enough. And we don’t ever tap into the full glory of what’s possible when we stop here, which is why so few people ever experienced the full possibility for themselves. Success isn’t attained from achievement alone.

[15:26] The Third Step – Receive

Receiving is becoming the version of yourself that’s able to enter seamlessly into an accomplishment with a sense of fulfillment, alignment, clarity and positive energy. Receiving is the version of you that’s actually prepared and ready to open the door to the opportunities you say you want when you live in achievement, when you push for the next thing, when you hope for that next accomplishment. But if you haven’t taken the time to elevate yourself into this perceived piece of the framework, those opportunities will come and go, because you’re not ready for them. 

[23:23] The Fourth Step – Sustain

You hold on to it. That success becomes the foundation for your continued growth, and you just know with clarity, what to do with that success as you build your legacy. This is where you really step into and really start to embody leadership. You still face plenty of challenges, in fact, even bigger challenges, but it becomes easier to navigate them because of who you are. 

[30:04] Challenge for You

Download our BARS framework outline, go through each of the four parts, and write out how you will break through to your next step in the process. Use this framework with your kids, your team, or for yourself. Everybody has the opportunity to break through to the next level, and it’s awaiting you. Get after it.



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