Episode 2: Defining Success with Success Magazine President, Don Hobbs

July 19, 2021



My guest today is Don Hobbs, who is here to talk about his incredible business journey that started when he was only 18 years old, with none other than Jim Rohn. He also shares the struggles he overcame along the way and what leadership means to him! 

Over the past 35 years, recognized as Realtor Magazine’s “Top 25 Most Influential People in Real Estate,” Don has served as President of motivational mega-star’s, Jim Rohn Productions, co-founded Hobbs Herder Advertising which pioneered Realtor® branding (a massive industry disruptor), and served as influencer, coach, & speaker for more than 1 million realtors….and counting. Whether training influence skills to sales professionals or leadership and recruiting skills to industry leaders, his ultimate vision is to inspire people to change their lives and businesses.


[4:04] Jim Rohn

Don shares his experience working alongside Jim Rohn, how he opened his mind to leadership and growth. Don met Jim when he was only 18 years old, and learned that you can have more than you got because you can become more than you are. He shares how one leadership weekend with Jim changed his life forever and introduced him to the amazing world of personal development and growth. 

[7:41] How to Protect Your Dream without Support

We move onto talking about Don’s childhood. Don was raised by a single mother who was working a corporate job, not fully understanding the path that Don wanted to take. He shares some of the struggles his mom and how he had to overcome over the years in order for him to protect his dream and to get where they are today. We also discuss how to deal with friends and family who are not supportive of your growth journey and how to fully commit to growth without seeking the approval of others.

[19:05] Defining Success

Are there pieces of success that everybody should measure up to in order to be able to say that they “made it”, or is success different for every person depending on how they define it? Don shares his experience of feeling completely empty even though looking from the outside in, he was extremely successful. He believes that our essence is joy, peace and love, and we pile all the other things on: fear, rage, expectations of others. If we want to feel successful, we need to live in a place of discovering our purpose and living through that in everything we do. We also need to stop comparing ourselves to others and get to know our authentic self. 

[26:24] How Do You Become a Leader?

Next, Don and I dive into the topic of becoming a leader. For Don, leadership is all about the heart. When we bring the heart into the leadership and we start looking at what we are building and how we can impact others, we will remember who we are and become the leader that we are meant to be. Our responsibility as leaders is to be the best we can be for others, and not for ourselves. We need to be the Luminary that shines its light onto others. 

[37:18] Don’s Vision for Success Magazine

As the President of Success Magazine, a publication that is 124 years old, Don shares how now they are getting a more rounded approach with 6 different editors for different categories and a new coaching program, and how they are working on identifying people who are impact players for the next generation. 

[45:41] Fishing Lessons

Don shares some of the life lessons he learned through his love of nature and fishing. 



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