Episode 178: The Key To Your Leadership: Mental Resilience with Monica Smith

leadership, mental resilience

July 3, 2023

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, success often leads to the question: “Now what?” No matter the level of achievement, entrepreneurs seem to find themselves seeking greater impact, clarity, and purpose. Today’s episode is a powerful one, as I sit down with Monica Smith! 

Monica is the Mental Resilience Coach for Pipeline Entrepreneurs, a network of high-performing entrepreneurs who call the Midwest home. She is also the founder of Crossbridge Coaching, LLC, a coaching and counseling firm that provides one-on-one emotional intelligence coaching, an online mental resilience coaching program, and related speaking topics. Monica is an executive coach, author, counsel, speaker, and more!  In our conversation, we dive into the critical connection between mental resilience and leadership and how together they can help you unleash your true potential. 

The Key To Your Leadership: Mental Resilience with Monica Smith

The Missing Piece: Mental Resilience and Leadership

Entrepreneurs often look to find the next step to accelerate their success. But, they may be overlooking the role of leadership and mental resilience in unlocking their true potential. While strategies can propel entrepreneurs forward, they can only go as far as their leadership capabilities allow. Mental resilience, the ability to manage one’s mind and regulate emotions, is the missing piece that empowers entrepreneurs to break through limitations and access their untapped possibilities.

The Power of Mental Resilience

Entrepreneurs often struggle to embrace the emotional side of personal growth. But when reframed as “managing the mind,” they recognize the tangible return on investment. Mental resilience enables you to gain control over your thoughts, regulate your emotions, and maintain self-awareness, ultimately fostering authentic leadership and inner peace.

Leadership as a Practice

In the pursuit of personal and professional growth, we frequently recognize the importance of becoming leaders. However, true leadership extends beyond a one-time achievement; it requires consistent practice and development. Similarly, mental resilience is not a quick fix but a lifelong journey. To cultivate mental resilience and sustain it, we need to dedicate ourselves to daily exercises and practices. Just as you need to continually practice leadership, mental resilience demands ongoing commitment and self-reflection.

Overcoming Resistance to Emotional Growth

High achievers, often categorized as Enneagram Type 1s and 3s, tend to struggle with embracing emotional growth and mental resilience. Their relentless pursuit of success and achievement often leaves little room for exploring their emotions. However, when we reframe mental resilience as a means to gain control over incoming thoughts and emotions, it becomes an instrument for achieving limitless possibilities, personal growth, and lasting peace.

The Transformative Power of Storytelling

Storytelling plays a pivotal role in conveying the transformative potential of mental resilience and leadership. By sharing personal stories and experiences, we can help inspire other entrepreneurs to envision the possibilities for their own lives. Witnessing the authenticity and resilience of a leader who has integrated these principles ignites a desire within others to follow suit. Storytelling is a catalyst for embracing mental resilience and unlocking one’s potential. 


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