Episode 206: The Best Business Advice I’ve Ever Received

January 15, 2024

Embracing the “Be Do Have” Principle for Transformational Success

In this episode of the Luminary Leadership Podcast, I’m diving deep into the “be do have” framework—a powerful concept that can help you achieve your wildest dreams and set you apart from the crowd. I honestly wish I would have recorded this episode for you a long time ago, because it is advice I got many years ago and have used it as a north star when scaling and growing my business. 


The Power of Identity: Becoming Who You Aspire to Be

Many entrepreneurs and individuals on the path to success get caught up in the trap of waiting for external factors to align before they take action. They believe that once they have certain things—money, resources, or opportunities—they will do what’s necessary to finally be the person they want to become. This “have do be” mindset, however, is a recipe for delayed happiness and an endless chase for the next big thing.

During a recent episode of the Luminary Leadership Podcast, I shared the transformative power of flipping this script. The “be do have” framework is about embodying the identity of the person you aspire to be right now, not later. It’s about taking action from that place of being, which then leads to having what you desire.

Psychology of Sobriety: The Identity Shift

To illustrate this concept, consider the example of overcoming an addiction. There’s a stark difference between someone who simply chooses not to drink in a given moment and someone who identifies as sober. The latter has embraced an identity that naturally guides their choices and actions, leading to a more sustainable and fulfilling outcome.

My Personal Journey: A Shift in Mindset

I want to share with you a personal story that highlights the power of the “be do have” principle. I once faced a daunting challenge: I needed to produce a significant sum of money in a short timeframe to qualify for an event. My mentor advised me to approach the situation as if I had already achieved my goal. By adopting the mindset of someone who had succeeded, I was able to take inspired action that led to remarkable results.

The Challenge: One Month of Transformation

Now, I challenge you to examine your own life. Where have you been operating under the “have do be” framework? I encourage you to embrace the “be do have” mindset for just one month. You’ll be amazed at the life-changing results that can unfold when you start from a place of being.

Support and Resources for Your Journey

For those ready to implement this approach in your own lives and businesses, I’m here to offer support and resources. It’s not just about changing your mindset; it’s about taking consistent action that aligns with your new identity.

Looking Ahead: Building Your Legacy

Thank you for your unwavering support. Remember to tune in for the next episode, where we’ll continue to explore strategies and insights for building your legacy. Together, we can step into our power and lead with confidence and vision.

In embracing the “be do have” principle, we’re not just chasing dreams—we’re living them. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, and watch as our actions and experiences align with the extraordinary identities we choose to embody.

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