Episode 215: How to Stop Playing Small & Set Your Business Up to Win with BOLD GOALS

March 25, 2024

I’ve had the privilege of engaging with some of the most innovative minds in the entrepreneurial space. But today, I want to share something deeply personal – a lesson that transformed my own journey as an entrepreneur and mentor. Back in 2016, I faced a challenge that would redefine my understanding of success. Despite having achieved significant milestones in my business, my mentor confronted me with a hard truth: I was underperforming my potential. I was playing small. This pivotal moment made me realize that hitting specific goals wasn’t synonymous with playing to win. It was a wake-up call that success isn’t just about what you achieve, but how you achieve it.

Playing Small vs. Playing to Win

In this episode, I delve into the subtle yet profound differences between playing small and playing to win. Playing small is often characterized by a fear of failure, resistance to change, and a tendency to protect the status quo. It’s about staying in your comfort zone, even if it means missing out on opportunities for growth and impact.

On the flip side, playing to win is about embracing risk, innovation, and visionary leadership. It’s about challenging yourself, confronting your fears, and continually pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible.


I share a framework for setting bold goals that can help you shift from a mindset of limitation to one of expansion. It’s not just about dreaming big; it’s about creating actionable steps that propel you towards your vision.

Playing small can have several byproducts that stifle your potential. Diminished confidence, limited impact, and missed opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg. I discuss how these symptoms can creep into your business and personal life, often without you even noticing.

Conversely, playing to win opens up a world of benefits. It fosters personal growth, builds confidence, and allows you to leave a lasting legacy. It’s about making a tangible impact and evolving not just as a businessperson, but as a leader and individual.

Embracing Change and Taking Risks

Throughout the episode, I provide practical insights and examples to help you differentiate between the two mindsets. I urge you to adopt a mindset of boldness and courage. Don’t let fear and comfort hold you back. Instead, embrace change, take risks, and strive for greatness.

As we wrap up this episode, I encourage you to reflect on your own journey. Are you playing to win, or have you been playing small? Remember, the choice is yours, and your legacy awaits. It’s time to step out of the shadows and into the light of your full potential.

I hope this blog post inspires you to take action and play to win in all areas of your life. If you’re ready to embrace the challenge, I invite you to listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into these transformative insights. Let’s lead boldly and build a legacy worth remembering.



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