Episode 86: Letting Go of Guilt When Pursuing Entrepreneurship and Family

May 2, 2022


There’s no doubt in your mind that solely being a stay at home parent, it’s not the call for you. You love entrepreneurship and the gifts that come with it and the potential that comes from it!

Then why do you feel this crippling friggin guilt when you’re working? Why do you feel like you should be with your kids, taking care of the family and leading them? How are you supposed to find the capacity to do both at the level you’re called to do them? 

If you could just be more productive in your work, so that you can be more fully present when you’re with your kids. That’s the solution, right? Wrong! 

And today’s conversation is going to reveal to you a better way to overcome guilt as an entrepreneurial parent that will make you feel like you’re doing a great job in both worlds.


[2:16] You Deserve to be Present 

Many of us are so busy with two very different roles that it actually feels like some days our identity has been split in two. One half of us is tired from working all the time; the other half is tired from taking care of our family the rest of the time. The unfortunate side effect is that we feel like we’re falling short in both.

But the truth is that you deserve to be present in both areas of your life. Your business and your family will thrive when you’re able to do so. When you’re present and intentional, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when our business takes off. That’s when our kids are nurtured and given the tools and the permission to become intentional rule breakers and creative changemakers. 

But how do we go from feeling so distracted and frazzled on an almost daily basis to being present and intentional with our time, regardless of where we’re spending it?

[6:30] Your Level of Intention

Do you bring into your family the same level of intention that you bring into your business?

Intention in our business is something that comes very naturally for us. We set that intention, do the work and see the end result. But in our home, it doesn’t always work that way. At home, we’re dealing with people, we’re dealing with our kiddos, we’re dealing with our spouse, and it doesn’t even occur to us that we should be more intentional.  

The other thing is, the world right now (especially the world of entrepreneurship) preaches about  setting boundaries, blocking your time, checking out of work and checking in with family. And again, that work time is super intentional. You got your planner, each hour of your work day is planned out, you know what tasks are allowed into your day and when. But do you bring that same level of intention into the time you’re spending with your kids, the conversations you’re having, or do they just get what’s left over from your energy and your time? 

[9:28] Guilt and Entrepreneurship 

Guilt is not a feeling. Guilt is a judgment that you place upon yourself that leads to other feelings, but it is not a feeling.

If you are placing that guilt on yourself, it’s time to make tactical and strategic changes. Don’t just bask in it. Don’t just pretend it’s a feeling that shows up that you can’t control. Pay attention to where it’s coming from and then let it go. Do something better and do it differently. 

Next, you’re keeping your family and your business too segregated and that is hurting you and your kids. Growing up in a family of all small business owners, so many gifts came from being integrated into my parents businesses. Yet today, we are drawing hard lines between the two. If you want to raise leaders, entrepreneurship is one of the greatest tools to be able to do that through.

[22:10]  It’s Time for a Rally Cry

There’s a better way. 

There’s a better way to approach this. A way that brings that integration, that eliminates that guilt, that helps and serves you in bringing that same level of intention into your home that you do in your business. It will relieve your stress, it will raise your leaders well and it will allow you to achieve beyond the plateaus you’ve experienced in your business thus far.

We want to have that conversation about what that better way looks like and how we integrate it into our lives. So, I want to invite you to what we’re calling, a rallying cry. It’s a long awaited shake up in the way we approach entrepreneurship and parenting so that we can quit feeling guilty, live a more present, more abundant, more fulfilling life and raise our kids to be leaders while we’re at it. This is for anyone who resonates with us, that’s ready to be one of the leaders in this movement. We have two time slots to choose from on May 10th at 7 p.m. CST and May 11th at 11 a.m. CST – and there will be a recording available, so make sure you register (it’s totally free) at https://luminaryleadershipco.com/rallycry even if you can’t make either one of these dates. 

We’re beginning a new movement and we’re calling you to be a part of it. We need you – successful entrepreneurial parents growing their dream businesses, building a legacy, raising happy and thriving kids without feeling like you’re leading two separate lives. 

There’s a better way and we’re going to talk about it. 

I hope today’s episode made you realize that you can (and deserve to) have it all. If you are ready to finally learn what it takes to instigate meaningful change in the way you pursue both entrepreneurship and parenthood and finally, embrace both parts of your identity guilt free, join our rally cry at: https://luminaryleadershipco.com/rallycry.

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