Episode 65: Raising Luminaries: Being Present vs. Feeling Present

February 17, 2022

IT’S SUCH A DREAMY IDEA to check out of work to show up for your family and have these clean lines between the two.

Except that’s almost never how it works.

You might be advanced enough to do what the gurus teach about having boundaries and blocking time off to be with your family and away from your work, but does your brain always get that memo or is it being pulled in so many different directions putting out a million little fires in the business? 

I get it, because I’ve lived it. 

But the most fulfilled and admired leaders have identified the difference across that super blurred line that stands between being physically present and feeling present. And today’s episode will help you step across that line. 

Let’s raise them up right!


[2:25] One Complete Self

As entrepreneurs, we don’t have jobs that we leave at the door at 5pm. 

It can be so much more difficult for us to close the billion tabs in our brain and be all in mentally and emotionally when we come to our families, because we’re emotionally invested in our businesses. We carry a lot of weight, we are providing for our families through this calling that we have in business.

We cannot be the entrepreneur in one part of our day and be a different person when it’s family time. It’s not about dividing ourselves in two, but instead approaching who we are as one complete self, whether we’re killing it in our business or connecting with our kids at home.

So, here are some practical tips specifically for that entrepreneur desiring to be wildly successful in both business and at home.

[5:04] Closing The Loop

Write your thoughts down. You have to unload your brain throughout the day so that the thoughts don’t get stuck swirling during those moments you’re trying to focus on something else. 

I keep a notepad by my bed in case something comes to me in the middle of the night and I also keep a notebook in multiple places throughout the house and I just kind of consolidate at the end of the week. I try to start my day with this and end my day with this too, so that loops are continually being closed, ideas are coming out of my head and they’re not haunting me throughout my day.

So, write it down, close the loop because it allows you to show back up and not have to worry.

[7:12] Set Your Intention 

Set your intention before you go into an activity, whether it’s for work or home.

This is such a simple practice that takes 10 seconds but it can totally transform the outcome in the moments that make up your day to day. Your kids deserve the best of you, not what’s leftover in the tank which probably isn’t much after you’ve given so much to work. 

Setting an intention, taking that little pause for a few seconds to think about how you want this to go and what you want to get out of this experience, can be a game changer.

[8:38] Remind Yourself To Be Present 

I have to schedule reminders to actually practice being present. 

It doesn’t have to be a digital reminder. I use a notepad, a whiteboard,  and my planner. I write those things in there so that when I come across them, they remind me to show up differently. 

It’s almost like setting an intention, but it’s building in a reminder to help you do that. So, figure out ways for you to schedule in those little reminders.

You can also build in triggers – every time you do this, you do that. For example, every time you sit down at the table, you say a prayer. 

[12:11] Unhurried Leadership 

Like anything else, this is a muscle we have to flex. We have to develop it before it becomes natural to us. 

Even implementing one of these tips will help you be more aware and intentional as you make that goal of being wildly successful in both of your callings, in life in business and family. It doesn’t have to be either/or, it can be both/and.

We’ve developed a tool to support you to get you out of the hurry and into a level of presence and connection in both of those spaces that you love so much – your business and your family. This tool will really help you identify where your time should be going, where you’re wasting some of that time and where you’re building in hurry that’s unnecessary.  

It’s a free workbook, called Unhurried Leadership that walks you through this process to strip away everything that’s holding you back from that presence, everything that’s preventing you from living in a way that you’re actually called to live and to finally feel those feelings of clarity and possibility.

So, head on over to https://luminaryleadershipco.com/unhurried to download this amazing tool that will help you feel present.

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We do this for you so the more you tell us the more we can serve!


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