Episode 63: Raising Luminaries: The Big Reveal- Introducing Camp Luminary!

February 10, 2022


The long-awaited episode in which we give you the big reveal!

After countless conversations with many of you, learning so much from our clients and our peers, and really just experiencing life ourselves, as entrepreneurial parents who are called to those two vocations and missions of truly crushing it in business, while at the same time raising a happy, successful family, we are now officially opening the doors to an event that is quite literally the first of its kind (and we’ve looked).

Today’s episode is all about introducing Camp Luminary!

Let’s raise them up right!


[3:38]  Life-altering Experience

Of all the things I’ve had the honor to do in business, this has to be one of the ones I’m most proud of.

We are so proud and so excited to introduce you to Camp Luminary! It’s the first of its kind and it’s a two and a half day retreat for entrepreneurial parents, for founder families and the leaders they’re raising. It will take place in June, in  a restored 1930 camp named Wandawega in Wisconsin. 

But, this is not just about the two and a half days, this is about what comes after it. This is a life- altering event where you come to unwind and unlock your biggest dreams with your family and elevate your leadership in both of those spaces that you’re called to. We have the tools, the resources, the motivation, the inspiration, the clear vision, to raise up this next generation of leaders in our children; to ensure that you have a healthy cohesive founder family that moves towards a vision and a dream together.

[9:43] This Is Your Opportunity 

This is your opportunity to align your business ambitions with your parenting goals. This is your opportunity to really finally achieve that true fulfillment.

I’ve worked with enough entrepreneurs, ambitious people like you to know that time alone is not going to get you there. You are not two separate people running two separate worlds. You are you, both leader and a parent and it is your time right now to step into that true calling. And this is your opportunity to do it!

We’ll have breakout sessions for the entrepreneurs to talk about the “how” behind elevating your business; scaling, leadership, team development, all the things that we’re hungry for. But also the conversations about being an entrepreneurial parent, elevating one another, seeing possibilities and eliminating the stress and the hustle. Plus your luminaries, your kids that you’re raising in leadership, will have the chance to lead and have “Shark Tank” experiences if they’re looking to get a business idea off the ground or have mentorship from other business owners and entrepreneurs who are there to support. We’re also bringing in guest speakers that you know and love. We can’t reveal them quite yet, but we are so excited and so confident that these speakers are going to be worth the price of admission alone.

There are just so many pieces that I found really hard to describe because of the moments that we’re going to create together as founder families that literally have never been created before. Connecting under the stars, enjoying local food trucks and specialty foods, grilling out, sitting around the fire together storytelling and learning the art of storytelling and the power behind it. Doing all these incredible outdoor activities and having opportunities to break free and bond together as a family. 

[15:58] This Is a Tight Event

So, if any of this is speaking to you, here’s what I can tell you. This is a tight event, meaning there are not a lot of spots available. And this is not a marketing ploy, literally the location of Camp Wandawega only has limited spots available and we can’t go beyond it. 

If this speaks to your heart and if you want to know more, you want to go to https://luminaryleadershipco.com/camp-luminary/ ASAP, because then you will be first to know what’s available, how to get your hands on it and all the other details. Get on that waitlist so that we can immediately send you details and communicate with you through our team and support you in finding the right approach in attending and what that would look like for you and your family.

If today’s episode spoke to you, don’t forget to hit subscribe/follow on your favorite podcast player and rate and review the show. Come connect with me on Instagram at @elizhartke and don’t forget to get on our Camp Luminary Waitlist at  https://luminaryleadershipco.com/camp-luminary. And if there’s a topic, a question or a guest you want to hear on the show or an idea you have for us, just reach out and share that. We do this for you so the more you tell us the more we can serve.


*Photo of Camp Wandawega by Anda Marie

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