Episode 61: Raising Luminaries: Pursuing Passions versus Assigning Vocation For Our Kids

February 3, 2022


and it has really been resonating with you guys. You’ve been asking for more and we want to bring you more. We want to continue this conversation because it’s so important. 

So, today’s conversation is all around the idea of helping our kids pursue their passion versus assigning vocation to our kids. It’s very on par with what we talked about, and it’s building on the conversation from the other day of preserving passion in our kids. Check out Episode 57: Preserving Passion in our Kids https://luminaryleadershipco.com/episode57.

Let’s raise them up right!


[1:52]  Passion

First, if you haven’t downloaded our free guide yet, go do that now at luminaryleadershipco.com/spark. It’s a free workbook that’s designed to help you uncover your kids’ sparks and passions and help guide them in pursuing them.

As well intentioned parents (raising my own hand here!) we all want to guide our kids to finding this intentional life that’s fueled by a fire for the things that bring them joy. But let’s dissect the word passion for a second and dive a little deeper. The word passion comes from the Latin root word patior, which means to suffer. Now, you probably didn’t think I was gonna say that because I didn’t think I was gonna say that until I started to explore this. When we say we want to live fueled by our passion, it really means we are willing to face the challenges and the hardships and that’s worth it to us because of that passion. Every decision or pursuit costs us something and so living our passion is just simply worth that cost to us. 

[3:42] Let Them Bring Life to Their Unique Gifts

Not every single thing that we say we love as a kid is going to be something we love as adults. As a kid, I had a million passions, and it doesn’t mean that each of them is going to come to fruition but one thing that my parents did a great job with was giving me the space to try and figure that out on my own.

When our kids are young, we need to let their passion be for the sake of passion. They have this whole life ahead of them to turn it into a vocation. Simply finding what we’re willing to suffer for is enough for a kid. Let them bring life to their unique gifts and talents and let them just discover it as they go. Let them find what they love doing so much that success or failure will not matter because they love it so much. Let them have that innocent curiosity and that space to develop that. 

[7:12] Don’t Strip the Joy in the Process 

When I think of my last 10 years in entrepreneurship, there were times where I started to lose joy in the process because it became all about how we’re monetizing it or how how we’re selling it or how it’s making an impact instead of this is just on my heart and I have to bring it to life no matter how it turns out because that’s who I am.

There’s time for our kids’ path to unfold and I believe it’s our job to just gently guide them but also watch from the sidelines sometimes because I suspect the plan for them is so much greater than we could ever cook up on our own. It’s not our plan. 

So, let’s not limit their purpose or put our own fears and dreams on our own kids. Lets allow them to change direction in passion, and not force them to stay in something that they once loved. Give them that space and know that the vocation will come, but don’t strip the joy in the process.

I hope today’s episode can serve you as a reminder to cultivate and believe in your child’s passion. And remember, if you need any help in trying to figure out what their passion is, visit https://luminaryleadershipco.com/spark/ to download our free guide.

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