Episode 58: Creating a Movement for Entrepreneurial Parents with my Creative Director, Caitlyn Jeffery

January 24, 2022


Today I bring you our creative director – Caitlyn Jeffery and the story behind what brought us together. 

This episode has been a long time coming and it captures the mission of where we’re going both as a company and as a team and is geared towards our entrepreneurial leaders and families.


[2:11] Caitlyn’s Story 

Soon after finishing college, Caitlyn realized that she wasn’t going to stay in a 9-5. She took a hard look at how she could take her skill set with what she was interested in and merge the two. So, she started a business running the marketing and business side for photographers and their businesses.

Her business grew quickly and she found herself being spread thin. This is when she decided to start working full time for Jenna Kutcher. She sold her business and joined Jenna in helping businesses be more profitable and sustainable.

[6:18] The “Toothless” Team

Caitlyn and I first connected on Instagram three years ago. We were both in Wisconsin at that time and we both had kids. 

Soon after that, I walked through my tooth journey/nightmare of a root canal and having the tooth pulled and I shared that whole journey on my previous podcast. Caitlyn heard it and she reached out saying she was going through something similar and wanted me to walk her through it.

Fast forward to Covid and virtual schooling, we connected even more over the lack of resources, tools and community for homeschooling. And when I started hinting at the fact of this new business and talking about supporting kids, and how college wasn’t the only path, Caitlyn decided that she wanted to be a part of that. 

[10:30] Our Mission

So much of this was birthed out of both, what we were experiencing with our own kids and what we were witnessing in our clients and in our masterminds members. 

On the “kids side” of things, we were seeing the fact that school and society were not going to infuse leadership skills, possibility, growth and entrepreneurial ways of thinking. And I personally felt this incredible draw to raise leaders because I saw the gap in the world. 

On the “entrepreneurial side,” we feel really called to support the entrepreneur, who is truly called to their mission in entrepreneurship and business, but they’re equally called to raise up successful leaders, but the tools, the community and the resources to support that don’t exist.

That’s where Caitlyn and I have come together and started to develop things that you will soon be seeing that are going to be designed to support founder families and parents who are called to both of those worlds.

[16:00] The Spark Freebie

Caitlyn is the mastermind behind our Spark Freebie. 

The Spark was inspired by Caitlyn’s daughter Lily. The thought behind the Spark content and workbook is to look at our kids and notice their sparks, to look for those strengths and to foster them now, rather than having to reflect on it later in life. The goal is to keep that in the center and to cultivate it throughout their life.

Keep in mind that this is a tool that you can use with your kids, no matter their age. It is a tool that will help you identify those sparks in your kids and allow you to nurture and develop them. And in doing that you will help them develop their confidence, their skill sets all around and their perspective on the world. You can download the free Spark workbook at https://luminaryleadershipco.com/spark.

[19:36] Our In-Person Event

For a decade, I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs in business scaling and growth and there were many moments along the way where I realized that they could only get as far as their leadership was willing to go. They had to develop themselves into the person they were called to be in order to achieve, sustain, and drive the mission forward. That’s where the leadership element came in and that’s a huge focus in our masterminds and  in our programs. 

But when I really thought about the reason that I’ve been driving this train for a decade, despite its massive evolution over time, it really all came back to the family for me. And what I’ve witnessed over the last 10 years is the degradation of the family for the sake of entrepreneurship, despite the fact that people go into entrepreneurship for their family, to have more freedom, opportunity, possibility and to be more present with their kids.

My heart in this for a long time has been how can I help people really honor the values they have and the priorities they say that matter most. So, in regards to that, we have some things coming down the pipeline and one of those things is going to be an in-person event. 

We can’t share too many details just yet, but let’s just say that the location is designed to both foster the connection that we’re looking to give these founder families at the same time as sparking the inspiration that the entrepreneurs need to have the vision to take their dream to the next level. It’s going to bring those two worlds together in order to lead to the next level of creation and possibility within both the family and the business. 

To get on our waitlist (because this event is invite-only) go to https://luminaryleadershipco.com/camp-luminary/.

[31:33] More Things To Come

Being an entrepreneur, while raising a family can leave you feeling like you’re split into two. I’ve heard that phrase from so many of my clients, both at really high levels of business or in the earlier trenches of business

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, too. Yes, you connect with different people, but you’re usually connecting with them around business, not necessarily around raising your kids as leaders. We need those tools. Schools are not helping us, society is not helping us and even if you choose to homeschool, that doesn’t mean that you’re sitting on a leadership curriculum for your kids. 

So, we have developed (coming this spring) a safe, trusted place where you can connect with other people who align with your values. And we’re going to have the supplemental tools, resources, curriculum, support and more for you to raise up these leaders right.

As you can see, we have a lot of things coming, so don’t forget to visit https://luminaryleadershipco.com/camp-luminary/ to get on our waitlist and be the first to know how you can get your hands on this and be a part of this movement.

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