Episode 13: Raising Luminaries: Considering Homeschool

August 19, 2021


But, like with most aspects of parenting, comes the curveball that shows you that all of your best laid plans are irrelevant to the way life is going to ultimately play out for you. There is this wave of parents choosing to prioritize their kids’ education in their homes and a lot of us are entrepreneurs. 

Today’s episode is all about why considering homeschool could be something worth your while. Although nothing about this show is to tell you how to raise your kids, this is just to get some gears turning on this topic. Let me know if this is something that you would like to hear more about in the future!


[02:08] The Luminary Leadership Incubator

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[4:11] We Found The Perfect School 

When we first moved to Wisconsin, one of the things we were prioritizing was finding the perfect school for our kids. And we found one, we loved the setup, it was perfect. Then, the whole world shifted and the school had to address how they were going to handle the pandemic and we personally didn’t like it. Thank God, we were in a situation where we could take it into our own hands and we decided to homeschool. Temporarily. 

[06:00]  “The Call of the Wild and Free”

This was a temporary thing. We were just doing this for as long as we have to do this and then we’ll go back to “normal”. Until I read a book that changed my viewpoint of schooling altogether, “The Call of the Wild and Free”. If you’ve never considered homeschooling, if you’re on the fence with homeschooling, if you homeschool – I can’t recommend this book enough. I want to share some of the things that I’ve learned in doing further research, in experiencing homeschooling and in choosing homeschooling going forward at this point.

[8:18] Kids Are Not Adults, So Why Do We Expect Them To Act As Such

Before the Industrial Revolution, the kids were homeschooled and working with the family. Once parents started to work, kids started to go to, typically government-led, schools where the parents were no longer in control of what the kids were being taught. Kids went from being outside most of the day in the dirt, to being expected to sit quietly in a classroom and absorb lecture style instructions. So, where’s the space for development outside of the classroom? And for more creative and active kids, like mine, this is something that they need. So, we started to consider what would give our kids the greatest possibility to tap into their potential, what would allow them to be kids for a longer period of time?

[10:11] Do We Know What and How Our Kids Are Being taught?

Your answer might be yes, I’m not saying that this is true for everybody. However, curriculum changes often and quickly, and our kids are at the mercy of politicians, the government, the teachers in the classroom, the school board, to decide what’s best for them. So, make sure if your kids are in school, to take a deep dive into what they’re learning and how they’re learning. Is it in line with the values you want to instill into your children, is it nurturing and fostering their development and leadership? If the answer is yes then great, you found a gem; but if you’re not sure, it may be worth exploring.

[12:45] What’s The End Result

What is the end result that you actually desire for your child and is your school going to facilitate that? If college is the end game, like it was for me growing up, then maybe the public and private school systems are the best fast track for that. But, after years in entrepreneurship, and seeing the inflation and higher education prices and the ways that kids are the most educated kids in the history of the world, but statistically the least competent and the least intelligent, I see some red flags there. Our goals have shifted with a focus on fostering our kids’ gifts, helping them become more independent, capable, confident, healthy, thriving kids that can carry that into adulthood. 

[15:25] Does School Accommodate Your Desire To Raise a Luminary?

There are some incredible schools out there and even more incredible teachers and if you can find one that really fosters your child’s leadership abilities and gives them opportunities to put their skills into practice, you found that gem. To us, a Luminary is different from just a leader. Luminaries have leadership skills coupled with clarity and they know what their gifts are, they know what they’re being called to, they know their values and even though that may evolve and change with time, they have a purpose behind what they do – and they’re doing it in alignment with those values. 

Which is why we encourage all our listeners to download our free resource The True North Exercise that walks you and your family through coming up with your True North: your values, your set of standards that helps you ensure you and your kids are living by them. It will also help you make this decision as to whether homeschooling is right for you or not.


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