Episode 12: 5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Great Opportunities

August 16, 2021



Ever feel like you’re watching your peers land awesome media appearances, get the speaking gigs, land the book deal, get to work with that great company, have opportunities that you dream of… while you’re over there grinding and waiting for your big break?

Today I’m going to break down the 5 reasons why you’re not getting the opportunities you want and what to do to shift the pendulum in your favor.

No more feeling like it’s never going to happen for you… it’s your time. Let’s make it happen! 


[2:42] Reason One

Your mind has tricked you into thinking that you’re trying all the things and really putting yourself out there, when in reality you’re creating in a bubble, just waiting to be discovered, while your peers are actually pitching themselves for these big opportunities. We have a tendency to allow our thoughts to become our reality, even if our physical reality isn’t aligned with those thoughts.

The world is noisy and you won’t just be discovered. 

First, start by prioritizing your wishlist of opportunities. Consider which opportunities move the needle toward your long term vision, and then let go of the opportunities that sound great but ultimately take you off course. Then after you choose the next 3-5 opportunities that are in alignment, start to put them on your calendar and work backwards to figure out what’s required to land them.

Remember that this is not a one and done thing. It’s a process. All good opportunities are a process, not just a random grand slam. 

[9:42] The Luminary Leadership Incubator 

Behind so much of what we talk about on this show is with you in mind, so how can we help you bridge that gap between building a business into really being known for what you do, being respected as a leader, and crafting that legacy? Here’s how: we have created the Luminary Leadership Incubator that is a home for successful entrepreneurs who are ready to break through to their next level of all things. 

This is not like any mastermind that exists.

This is an invitation only program that starts this fall but we wanted to open it up to our listeners for a limited time to see if this would be a good fit. If any of this speaks to you, visit https://luminaryleadershipco.com/incubator to find out more information and book a call.

[13:13] Reason Two 

You’re trying to base your future opportunities on your past successes. You think you’re deserving of more, but you’re hanging your hat on last year’s championship. This is a big one for entrepreneurs who have seen success and have been validated or recognized for that success. 

Sometimes we’re aiming at future opportunities because we feel deserving of them based on what we’ve proven previously, when in reality, we need to keep growing and up leveling to land our next opportunity. 

Everyone wants success, but when you get it sometimes you get complacent. We are either growing, or we’re dying. This is your chance to stop resting on your laurels and push yourself to what’s next. Set an opportunity goal that’s out of your reach today and figure out what you need to do to grow into what’s required.

[17:08] Reason Three

You’re not going where you’re most gifted, so you’re not shining in your current space. You’re not operating in your true zone of genius. Point blank, you’re not making waves in your space. 

Are you so good at what you do that people have no choice but to take notice? Opportunities come to the people who are seen, who are better at what they do than others, or are unique/coming at what they do from a different angle than other people.

Most people listening here have had some successes – WHY did you have that success? How can you do more of that? How are you standing out? 

Write down the 3 things you do better than anyone else. Figure out how you can magnetize to monetize! 

[20:44] Reason Four

You’re stalled out and you just need momentum. Answers come to those who take action and those who take action will build momentum. It’s harder to stop an object in motion, even if it’s not perfect. How long have you been sitting still or doing the basics, but not taking bigger leaps?

Look at your typical week: what needs to change to shake things up? Where do you have some new or big leaps in there?

[26:49] Reason Five

You’re not ready for the opportunity you really want and there’s a better plan in play. I believe in God, and I believe that sometimes when a door slams in my face, even one I really wanted to open for me, there’s a bigger plan at play. 

Sometimes we get a “no” because we aren’t ready for that “yes.” That “no” will save you from what would have happened if it were a “yes” and you weren’t ready for it.


  • Check out the Luminary Leadership Incubator for more information and to book a call!
  • Connect with me on Instagram and let me know if any of these reasons resonated with you! Are there any action items that you can take away from this episode?

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