Episode 129: Raising Luminaries: Entering a New Season With Intention (even when the world is spinning wildly around you)

September 29, 2022


Today’s episode is all about planning for the new season as a founder family so that you can shift gracefully, both as an entrepreneur and as a parent. Hopefully, this episode helps you make that shift as seamless as possible so that the changing of the seasons is something that you look forward to in the future.

Let’s raise them up right!


[2:06] A Great Time to Look Back and to Look Ahead

When transitions come, when things are changing or your family or you are going through an evolution or a transformation of some kind, it’s a great time to both look back and to look ahead. 

What I mean by this is instead of doing it on autopilot, you do it intentionally so that you’re building a life you actually want to live as a family. Too often we’re focused on work and family as two separate things of our world and it feels really disconnected and creates more stress, especially when you’re walking into a new season. It feels like there are two different versions of yourself that are expected to show up, fighting for your attention and your time. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? This is the time to reflect and reevaluate a little bit and keep what’s most important to you as your focus, and then create the rhythms that allow you to honor that as a family.

[4:31] Founder Family Manifesto 

We have this founder family manifesto and it is at the center of everything we do because it’s very representative of our values and what we preach and what we’re trying to support people in. With this new season upon us, I was starting to get a little anxious around fall and everything that it brings up. So, I came back to this manifesto to remind myself who we are, what we’re creating and how we are responsible for how we create it. 

You might have this incredible vision for your family, you might have this amazing vision for your business, but how you roll it out is on you. And if you roll it out in a way that is a detriment to your health or in a way that creates more stress for you and your kids or it comes at the expense of your quality of life, are you really doing anyone any favors?  

So, I came back to this manifesto to remind myself and there are two lines that stood out to me that I want to share with you:

  • A founder family has the courage to break the rules, pave our own way and reject societal norms in pursuit of the mission placed on our hearts. 
  • We see entrepreneurship as a powerful tool to raise our children to be innovative, contributing, and freedom-seekers. 

[7:28] Small Steps 

So, are there things that are coming up in your life this season that need to be re-evaluated in order to find that success on your own terms? 

I know sometimes we think of September as a stressful month because there’s commonly the big transitions that we walk through as a family, but in this episode, I’m going to share a few ideas to help support you in having that smooth, intentional shift.

We’ve been helping our Co(Op) families facilitate these conversations and create new habits and teach their kids the value of continual small steps that lead to really impactful changes. This will allow you to bring that vision you have for harmony between business and family to life, and create a shift in yourself and in your kids that finally leaves you feeling like you found your rhythm even when the world is just spinning uncontrollably around you. 

[8:34] Family Boardroom 

The first idea is something that we’ve implemented in our family, and our team members have implemented in their families, and we call it the family boardroom. 

With this new season, it’s such a good time to sit down as a family and connect on what you want the next season to look and feel like. Maybe you’re coming out of the summer and you feel like there was too much freedom; or maybe you enjoyed the extra freedom and you want to bring more of that into this new season. So, you actually talk about what went well and what didn’t. 

Then, because you’re a team, you discuss who needs help this season. What are your goals this season, both individually and as a family?  So, make sure everyone’s on the same page and able to help out where needed and working towards the same goals as a team. 

[11:11] Non-negotiables 

The next piece is identifying your non-negotiables as a family. In busy seasons, we can have the best of intentions that can go totally by the wayside when things get really stressful. When you identify a few grounding rhythms that become non-negotiables in your days and weeks, it helps you stay on track. So, think of the different things that are non-negotiables in your family. 

[12:50] Not To-Do List 

And finally, the third idea is to make a not to-do list.

Many things are going to feel like a priority. But when all is said and done, we do have more choices than society makes us think that we have, especially with the flexibility of being entrepreneurs. Maybe it’s time to look at how much time is spent on technology as a family and make a conscious choice to limit that this month and fill the time with something more intentional.

The point is just to approach the new month by putting the big rocks in first and identifying what needs to happen now, and what needs to be prioritized and how you can do it from the perspective of work and family being integrated. 

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I hope this episode helps you make your transition as seamless as possible, allowing you to be intentional in the new season, claiming yourself as a founder family.

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