Episode 126: Does a Wildly Successful Business Equal Sacrifice for Your Family? Let’s debate

September 19, 2022


About 11 years ago, when I was first becoming an entrepreneur, I remember hearing some people say that they were afraid of success. And I really couldn’t resonate with what they were saying. How could you be afraid of success? Success is such a good thing. And I don’t think I fully understood what they meant until last year. 

Since mentoring many of my peers and high level entrepreneurs, and coming into new opportunities myself, I got a little taste of this hunger for success, but fear of what it would do. What would it do to my time, my most precious resource? What would it do to my family? What would it do to our company as a whole? Would we get so big that it would be tough to manage? I started anticipating what my next level of success could potentially bring and worrying if I can grow something bigger and better without uprooting my values. 

So, today we’re digging into the fear of success and how you can build your business without stripping you of your time and your quality of life.


[2:34] The Fear of Success 

I’ve found that this fear of success can be very real at two specific stages of business. The first stage is the very beginning, when people are considering becoming an entrepreneur. The second stage is once you’ve already achieved a certain level of success, relatively high success, both financially and what you’ve built. That, in conjunction with considering your next level of success, that’s that tipping point where people often feel that fear around the idea of being more successful. 

So, can being more successful than you are today take away from your family? Or is it possible to grow your business and scale your business without it stripping you of your time and your quality of life? The simple answer is: yes, success can absolutely take away from your family. But it’s a more complicated answer than that. How you do it is what matters, because success can also bring you closer to your family, it can give you more time and expand possibilities for your family.

[10:57] What Is Your Block? 

What’s your block? What’s standing between your vision of what’s truly possible and where you are today? How you do it matters, so put your own damn fingerprint on it, stop looking at your peers and other people on Instagram, and how they do it. Create your own path, create your own timeline, make your own rules, break the rules, do it your way. 

This is why it is so incredibly critical to be rooted in your values, to know what you stand for, what you want, who you are, what you’re really chasing, and why. And then determining how it can be done. Because it can be done. 

So, can more success take away from your family? Hell yeah, it can. I’ve seen it countless times. But can it also open up new levels of possibility for your family, and for your time? Most definitely. It’s why it’s so important to be a proactive, visionary thinker and to have the white space in your days to create these possibilities. Don’t be the reactionary “what’s in front of me” thinker, but be the one that’s willing to explore possibility, reimagine possibility to get crystal clear on values and mission and choose that right timeline and the right approach for your dream. 

[13:09]  Bring Your Team Along 

Include your team into this conversation. Help them explore the possibility of how they can support you in pursuing this. Because you might be underestimating how much they love you, how much they’re behind this mission, and how much they want to be a part of that next level of success.

My challenge for you is instead of fearing the next level of success, ask what it could look like and pave that path and bring the people who love you and support you because there’s a very strong probability that you’re going to need support in seeing new ways to pave the path forward.

If this spoke to you, but you feel like right now you lack the clarity that we’re talking about and it’s hard for you to get in touch with that vision and believe that it’s actually possible for you, go to to get your hands on our free resource that’s going to guide you through and extract the clarity of that vision, help you do it completely in alignment with your family, and to feel confident and clear on what’s next for you.

I hope today’s episode helps you get in touch with that vision and shows you that it’s actually possible to do it completely in alignment with your family, and to feel confident and clear on what’s next for you.

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