Episode 118: When You Know It’s Time To Make A Change

August 22, 2022


As a leader in business, when you know that there is another level for you, but you’re avoiding doing the things necessary to get there and you’re disillusioning yourself into thinking that it will just happen naturally with time, it’s time to make a change. Because nothing changes if nothing changes. 

So, today we’re talking about the idea of being at max capacity and not possibly understanding how you can pivot, change, evolve, grow but you know there’s another level available to you, both in business and personally that you can’t seem to get your hands on. In this episode, we will talk through what you might be going through and some ideas of how you can make that change.


[3:06] Being At Max Capacity 

One of my favorite parts about what I do is the fact that I’m not exclusive to one industry. And as we’re nearing the end of the summer, I ended up having the privilege of talking to so many incredible entrepreneurs across multiple different industries. The other day I was talking to someone in the finance space that is joining our Luminary Leadership Incubator. She comes in as a fractional CFO for successful entrepreneurs and she is a multi million dollar business, but she is at max capacity. She knows in her heart there’s something more for her to do, something that would bring her joy, something that’s calling her, but she doesn’t have the space to do it.

This is so common, where people max out the success that they can achieve in their current business model and their ability to grow from there feels really far away. There are only so many hours in the day and you can only raise your rates so high, so there comes a point where you become capped in your earning potential or the possibility of growth within your business. A lot of people in this mode of business will go to more traditional ways of scaling; agency style, bringing in other people to do the work and take a portion for what they do, raising rates, etc. But when your way of scaling is only through hiring and bringing in more people, you better be ready to be a leader and support those people and raise them up to work in accordance with your company values. 

[7:51] Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes 

My question to you as an entrepreneur is: Do you feel capped? Do you feel like you are at max capacity of how you can serve in the world, what you can contribute and how you can grow? This can look different for different people; there are different ways that your time can be eaten up and your capacity can be limited. 

But there are also ways to expand your capacity through leadership. You can expand your own capacity and possibility. Nothing changes if nothing changes, so you have to make shifts to leverage your gifts through different modalities that will allow you to start to scale and buy back some of your time.

[9:53]  The Tricky Part  

But here’s the tricky part. Sometimes people aren’t willing to do what’s required to make this happen, because it might lead to a short (or maybe even longer than you expect) season of financial plateau or even intentionally going a little bit backwards to go forward.

You have to do this in a way that works for you. Again, nothing changes if nothing changes; you have to make the tough choice of starting to turn that cruise ship around. It’s time to pivot and to stop telling yourself the story that you’re stuck or that you’re limited or that you can’t do it or that you’re maxed out. Instead, ask yourself: what do I need to do to not be maxed out, what would I need to remove from my days to allow for more space to grow? 

This is literally what I teach. The people that come into our programs, specifically our Incubator, are people who have found really great success, but they need help now turning that cruise ship. They need help transitioning their business model so that they’re building for longevity and to start creating their legacy.

[15:53] Map Out Your Future 

The purpose of today’s conversation is to get your wheels turning and to be willing to have the awareness that if you are not creating a plan to shift it and change it, it will remain as such.

Self-awareness is one of the key pieces of leadership, which is why that’s the bridge to all the things that you want to access and to help you find success and possibility in your life and in your business. And the coolest thing is – you’re not that far away from where you want to be. You’re a few smart decisions and leadership growth moments away from turning this thing into what you want it to be. You can do this, you can change your life, and you can craft the legacy that you’re craving. 

So, how can you start to map out that future? There are few different things that we offer. The Incubator is a powerful one. If you’re interested in something that’s going to support you in this growth process and have you really expand your network, leadership, connections, visibility, growth and profit, go to We also offer intensives, one of which is Scaling Up at the Farm and you can look that up at

Remember, you’re going to be trading time for money until you choose to shift things to stop trading time for money. It is okay to plan for a season of less growth. There are seasons of intentional growth and then there are seasons of intentional change and intentionally hitting the brake a little bit to shift things so that you can access a level of wealth and possibility that isn’t even available to you until you allow for that period of time. 

This is your time to shine!

I hope today’s episode gives you what you need and shows you that you can get to that next level by making the right choices even when you’re at your max capacity.

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