Episode 185: The Secret To Making More Money with Michelle Cooper

August 21, 2023

I am so excited to introduce you to a client of mine, Michelle Cooper! Michelle is the high priestess of profit, a certified mindset coach and Sacred Money Archetype coach, and the founder of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping. She took her small accounting firm in rural British Columbia to a thriving online business encompassing coaching and consulting, speaking, and writing while balancing the management and growth of a brick-and-mortar office. She has built a solid team of bookkeepers, accountants, tax professionals, and business coaches who support impact-driven entrepreneurs to have highly profitable, sustainable businesses while creating the peace of mind that comes from a solid financial foundation. In this episode, we are going to explore the secret to making more money! 

The Secret to Making More Money With Michelle Cooper

The Power of Money Archetypes 

Money is a topic that often evokes strong emotions and reactions. For entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries, money can be a significant source of stress, whether due to financial struggles, uncertain decisions, or a general lack of understanding about their financial situation.

Often compared to personality assessments, money archetypes provide a window into an individual’s innate tendencies, behaviors, and attitudes toward money. These archetypes are deeply rooted in personal experiences, family dynamics, and early associations with money. By unraveling these archetypes, entrepreneurs can gain profound insights into their money habits, enabling them to transform their financial journey.

The Crucial Trio: Mindset, Energetics, and Dollars & Cents

Michelle’s approach transcends traditional financial consulting. Her Alchemy program delves into three interconnected facets: mindset, energetics, and dollars, and cents. While many entrepreneurs focus solely on the bottom line, Michelle acknowledges the importance of addressing how our thoughts, emotions, and energies shape our financial reality. By integrating all three components, entrepreneurs can develop a holistic understanding of their financial landscape and pave the way for sustainable growth.

Transformations in Action

Michelle’s transformative methodology has yielded remarkable results for her clients. Consider the story of an entrepreneur with a million-dollar business who was oblivious to the true potential of her venture. After seeking Michelle’s guidance, she discovered that her lack of understanding of profit margins and financial boundaries had been hindering her growth. Through Michelle’s support, this entrepreneur transformed from feeling overwhelmed to empowered, making informed financial decisions that catalyzed her success.

Another inspiring case involved an entrepreneur who was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, a situation exacerbated by his deteriorating relationship with money. Michelle’s intervention went beyond numbers and financial strategy; she provided a lifeline by helping him navigate his complex emotional landscape. The result? Not just a successful business turnaround, but a life saved from the brink of despair.

The Art of Understanding Money Archetypes

Michelle’s expertise lies not only in deciphering archetypes but also in using them strategically. By identifying their clients’ money archetypes, Michelle and her team can anticipate potential challenges and tailor financial strategies accordingly. For instance, recognizing that certain archetypes may struggle with boundaries, Alchemy can help set financial boundaries to prevent burnout and ensure optimal growth.

Unleash Your Financial Potential

The journey toward financial empowerment begins with understanding your money archetype. Michelle invites entrepreneurs to take a revealing assessment that unveils their top archetypes. This insight is a powerful tool to transform your relationship with money, not only on a personal level but within your business as well.

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, financial wellness is an essential ingredient for success. With Michelle Cooper’s innovative Alchemy program and the power of money archetypes, entrepreneurs can rise above financial challenges, tap into their innate strengths, and steer their businesses toward greater prosperity. By acknowledging the interplay of mindset, energetics, and dollars & cents, entrepreneurs can embrace holistic financial strategies that empower their journey toward achieving their dreams. So why wait? Take the first step today, discover your money archetype, and unlock the path to financial empowerment.


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