Episode 210: Taking Time Off as an Entrepreneur with Alyson Caffrey

February 12, 2024

In this episode of Luminary Leadership Podcast, I am bringing on a special guest Alyson Caffrey who is a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. Our discussion was a treasure trove of wisdom for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners, particularly those navigating the complexities of leadership and personal life, such as maternity leave.



Embracing Leadership and Growth: The Power of the 90/90 Principle

Aly’s journey in working with entrepreneurs has been nothing short of transformative. She has dedicated herself to helping business leaders gain clarity and certainty, enabling them to step back from the daily grind and create space for true leadership and vision. Her approach is encapsulated in the “90/90 principle,” a powerful concept that encourages dedicating 90 minutes each day to CEO-level tasks for 90 days. This practice allows entrepreneurs to think big and solve problems, fostering a CEO mindset even through life events like maternity leave.

Intentional Rest and the CEO Mindset

During our conversation, Aly and I explored the transformative impact of intentional rest. Taking space from the business can lead to breakthroughs and growth, but it requires a mindset shift. Entrepreneurs must transition from a production-focused mentality to embodying the role of a CEO. This shift is crucial, and it’s often challenged by misconceptions about finding time for strategic tasks. Yet, taking action is essential, and with time, the brain adapts to new ways of thinking.

Setting Clear Intentions and Focused Plans

Aly emphasized the importance of setting clear intentions and creating a focused plan to achieve specific goals. She shared her personal experience of using the 90/90 principle to write a book and establish her thoughtful leadership. This approach has the power to create tangible outcomes and propel entrepreneurs into positions of authority.

Operational Structure and Future Planning

A significant part of our discussion revolved around the importance of operational structure in businesses. She suggested strategies like setting up key reports to track success and aligning actions with the company’s vision and goals. She encouraged using the 90/90 approach to tackle big projects, emphasizing the need to prioritize personal well-being to prevent burnout.

Maternity Leave Planning

I shared a story about a woman in our program who achieved significant sales growth by focusing on personal reach-outs and sales conversations using the 90/90 approach. This success story exemplifies the power of concentrated effort and intentionality.

We also tackled the topic of maternity leave for entrepreneurs. Aly challenged the notion that maternity leave is a luxury only for employees of large companies. She provided practical advice for preparing for maternity leave, such as creating centralized locations for company knowledge and empowering team members. Which, surprise announcement sneaking into this episode, as I am expecting our 5th baby! 

I expressed my excitement about Aly’s work in empowering entrepreneurs to embrace both motherhood and entrepreneurship. The goal is to set up the business for success and freedom, using maternity leave as an intentional step towards long-term goals.

You Are Capable of Growth

Aly reassured listeners that they are capable of implementing these strategies, emphasizing the opportunity for growth and the importance of mindset. She encouraged individuals to reach out for guidance and highlighted the step-by-step maternity leave planning guide available through her Instagram.

Our conversation was a testament to the power of strategic planning, intentional rest, and embracing the CEO mindset. Whether you’re preparing for maternity leave or looking to take your business to the next level, the principles we discussed can be your guide to success. Join me in implementing these strategies and watch as your business — and your leadership — flourish.



DM “Liz” to Aly Caffrey on Instagram for her Maternity Leave Planning Guide

The Sabbatical Method: How to Leverage Rest and Grow Your Business by Alyson Caffrey 

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