Episode 197: Holiday Proofing Your Life and Business

November 17, 2023

Episode 197: Holiday Proofing Your Life and Business: Mastering the Balance of Family & Business During Busy Seasons

I am specifically dropping this episode during the holiday season, because the conversation of struggling to balance family time with maintaining a profitable business becomes apparent in conversations I am having with my mastermind clients. This episode aims to provide insights and practical tips to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and solopreneurs navigate this time that can be a little chaotic if left alone and not strategically intentional.
Hit play below or scroll on to learn how you can holiday proof your business!

Have you been strategic about your calendar?

To ensure a restorative holiday season, I recommend creating a detailed holiday calendar. This should include important dates and deadlines for both personal and business activities. It’s crucial to be strategic during this period. Avoid launching or marketing during the holidays as it can be costly and stressful. Instead, focus on setting up for cash flow in the upcoming months.

Prioritize tasks and projects based on urgency and importance. Strip away non-essential tasks and concentrate on what moves the needle and keeps the business growing. By leveraging block time and getting ahead on tasks like podcast episodes, you can free up time during the holidays.

How to optimize business and life when business still needs to be operating?

I understand and have worked with clients that this time of year is the busiest and biggest quarter for their product based business. I talk about and discuss how you can strategize, optimize, and be intentional while still keeping operations going during the last quarter rush. It’s also important to identify what truly matters during the holiday season. Carve out critical blocks of time to spend with family, even during the busiest time of the year. Determine your non-negotiables and plan activities in advance to ensure these special moments are preserved.

Communicate with your family about the busy season and find ways for everyone to stay connected. Consider involving the family in the business and ask for their help and support. Be cautious about overcommitting to social events or business opportunities that may distract from your priorities and peace of mind.

When it comes to business operations, do an audit of what you and your team are doing during this time. Are there things you can strip away that are normal tasks that can go on pause to create space and capacity for you or your team members? 

While launching during the holiday season can be more expensive and saturated, planning ahead and simplifying the launch strategy can reduce stress. Utilize project management tools to free up mental space and ensure efficient organization. Consider hiring a support team to lighten the workload.

Keeping Yourself in Check

On a personal level, focus on the true meaning of the holiday season and avoid getting caught up in stress and chaos. Strip away excess and find ways to give back to those in need. Streamline activities to ensure you’re not overwhelmed.

Take control of your time and priorities during the holiday season. Reflect on whether you’re simply going through the motions or making intentional choices that align with your values and goals. Don’t neglect self-care during this time, and remember the importance of fueling yourself and your family well.

The holiday season presents an opportunity for strategic planning and goal-setting. Reflect on your achievements and setbacks from the past year and use that wisdom to shape your vision for the upcoming year. Leverage content and social media management to create space for being fully present during the holidays.

Restoration & Profitability During the Busiest Time of the Year

Optimizing ourselves, our families, and our homes during the holiday season will ultimately spill over into our businesses. Embrace a different approach and make intentional choices that can serve as a catalyst for positive change and a successful year ahead.



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