Episode 89: Raising Luminaries: Introducing the Raising Luminaries Co(op)

May 12, 2022


This exciting announcement is something that was placed on my heart quite a few years ago, and I ignored it. Over time, working alongside so many entrepreneurs and witnessing the pain they were feeling by being split in two between their callings in business and in raising their kids in a way that breaks the mold, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

Today I get to officially introduce you to the Raising Luminaries Co(op), an uplifting membership home for entrepreneurial parents who want to bridge the gap between their work and their family lives. The Co(op) will provide the resources, the tools, the community and the guidance to raise children who aren’t afraid to lead, innovate and think for themselves. 

This is something that is going to be so transformative not just for you, but for your kids and your business potential as well.

Let’s raise them up right!


[2:51] We Can’t Stay Asleep Anymore

Three or four years back, I was sitting in my office working and it was like God directly downloaded something into my brain and onto my heart. I pulled out my notebook, opened up to a blank page and I scribbled across five pages trying to get this out of my head. It was the idea that there has to be a better way for entrepreneurs like us to build the dream that we have in our businesses and create the possibilities we want while at the same time leveraging that business and those possibilities to have the best possible impact on our children. 

Usually, when we start a business, we start with the intention of raising our kids well and leveraging the business potential to be the thing that gives us the freedom and possibility to do it. But then when it comes to the day to day, it comes at the expense of them. At the same time, it just so happens to be the most difficult time in history to raise kids and the most difficult time to be a kid. What we are up against as parents and what they’re up against his kids is monumental. We can’t sweep this under the rug any longer, saying “it’s just a season” or “when I finally get to this place in business, then I can do this.” 

So this is a shake up, this is a wake up, this is an opportunity for us to come together in entrepreneurship to draw the line in the sand and say “no more.” This industry is breaking up families. This is not good for our children. And we can’t stay asleep anymore. 

So many entrepreneurs are so busy building their businesses that they don’t have the time to think about what they’re leaving behind, or the greater long term impact that they have on their families. We know that you want to spend more intentional time with your kids. You want to raise them to think about problems and solutions and success and culture differently than the norm but you just don’t have the bandwidth yet. I get that. I’ve lived that. And it’s literally why we’ve created this program. It’s to support you as the entrepreneur and it’s to support your kids who are being called to become leaders, but having the world working against them.

[6:32] The Ripple Effect 

I can so deeply relate to so many of the struggles that I know many of you are facing. Sometimes, they don’t even feel like struggles, they become our norm and we become okay with them. But we don’t think about the consequences that can come from them, things like constant hurry and not being fully present when we are with our family. We live in a culture that doesn’t emphasize understanding the consequences and we normalize a lot of things that lead to massive problems for us, for our businesses and for our families. We’re not thinking about the ripple effect that’s happening right under our eyes, but we’re refusing to see it.

We want to help create a path towards a possibility, a path where your kids are confident in who they are and when they’re being hit from every angle by their peers, they know how to have that strong backbone and pursue their own path and not just go with the way that everybody else is going. 

You are an incredible parent. You love your kids. You would do anything for your kids. But when there’s no awareness and no tools to fix it, it’s really easy to just keep going and not notice it until it’s too late, until those consequences have set in.

[15:05] It’s Time to Make a Choice

When we were mulling over what we can do about this, we realized that it has to happen through the lens of you. It has to come through the filter of mom and dad to be the shepherds, the guides, the leaders of these kids, modeling the leadership behaviors to help them become who they’re called to be. 

Your child has unique purpose and gifts to share with the world and it’s your job as a parent to uncover them and cultivate them and that’s going to come through who you become so that you can do it for them and with them. But as entrepreneurs, we know what it’s like to think a little differently, to break the mold on the way things are happening.

This is something for all entrepreneurial parents, a home for you to ensure that you have the tools and the resources and the guidance to become who you need to be, to build the business you need to build in order to raise your kids in leadership. To build true freedom and fulfillment by creating harmony between your callings of business and family. You can be that shepherd to guide them and to model what it looks like to have the tools, the resources, support and community to know how to do. 

So, you have two choices. You can keep going the way you’re going. Or you have an opportunity to make a shift to change your family’s life and to succeed in business more than ever before, in harmony with each other. You have enough on your plate, so let us – through the Raising Luminaries Co(op) – provide the entrepreneurial curriculum, the projects, the activities and the questions to inspire that time you have with your kids. This space is going to guide you to seamlessly integrate the principles and values important to you in your everyday life with your kids, no matter their age. Moreover, surrounding your family with a very unique and narrow community with similar goals and values to your own, is going to be one of the best sounding boards for raising your kids to become leaders. Your kids need to see other examples of people living out their purpose to counteract so many other influences screaming at them to play small and by societal rules. The little yet consistent choices in each moment are going to add up to the big shifts for them, for you, for your businesses, for everything. 

We’re here to lead you and walk alongside you every step of the way.

[20:22] The Outline 

This isn’t another lengthy curriculum that’s going to take hours to complete. This is perfect whether you’re homeschooling your kids or they’re in traditional school, and we’ve designed the program to seamlessly integrate into your life rather than to take away from it. It’s just going to open your eyes to new ways of approaching both parenthood and entrepreneurship.

  • We’re going to have an impactful monthly education for you and your kids that deep dive into the values like legacy, leadership, health, integrity and entrepreneurship. 
  • We’re going to have character building collaborative projects that you can do with your kids to expand their mindsets and explore their passions and think about challenging and important topics differently from the norm. 
  • We’ll have thought provoking conversation topics for your dinner table, bedtime and carpool discussions because we believe that change happens in our everyday interactions with our families. 
  • We’re going to have insightful journal prompts for you and your kids.
  • You’ll have access to an exclusive group of other founder families, those entrepreneurial parents who have integrated family and business.
  • We’ll offer insightful presentations and q&a sessions with me and our Raising Luminaries team and other guest experts that are really sought after, talking about everything from device addictions, relationships, entrepreneurship and leadership to how to leverage life within the school system.
  • And so much more.

The doors are closing on May 17th, but by joining us as one of our first founder families, not only will you get the lowest price ever and access to our Founder Family Playbook, we are also including Inspiring Kid’s Pep Talks each month to help light that spark in your kids, no matter their age, and help them implement what they have been learning throughout the month; and you’re also going to have resources as the leader within the family to help you unify the family and come up with your family mission.

This isn’t just going to help you foster better relationships with your kids (which it will!), it will also help you create that legacy and focus on what matters the most, both in business and at home.

I hope today’s episode inspired you to join our Raising Luminaries Co(op) here so that you can shepherd that next generation of leaders you’re raising, who need you to say “yes” to this movement and bridge the gap between your work and your family life.

If today’s episode spoke to you, make sure to subscribe and leave us a review. Come connect with me on Instagram at @elizhartke and if there’s a topic, a question or a guest you want to hear on the show or an idea you have for us, just reach out and share that.

We do this for you so the more you tell us the more we can serve!


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