Episode 77: Raising Luminaries: A One-Time Only Bonus Announcement for Camp Luminary

March 31, 2022

WHAT ELSE COULD WE ADD TO THE AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF CAMP LUMINARY to have a lasting, profound transformation for you and your family? We have an exciting announcement!

When we first announced Camp Luminary, our three-day retreat for entrepreneurial parents and their children, and you all started getting onto the waitlist, our team started brainstorming about different ways to take this experience over the top for you.

What would make this so powerful that your kids would be inspired, focused and confident in who they’re called to be? What would give you the tools, the resources and the leadership to have everything you need to guide them while continuing to grow a successful business? What would ensure that this event stays with you long-term and makes this a forever change for you and your family?

And we got it! For this time only, along with Camp Luminary, we are including a mini-mastermind for you and your kids leading up to the event, so you come prepped and ready to transform! So, listen in and let me tell you more about it in today’s show.

Let’s raise them up right!


[3:07] The Mission of Camp Luminary  

In Episode 62, we talked about what it means to be a founder family. So what is that? 

Well, to us a founder family are the entrepreneurs who successfully integrate their family and business into one powerful mission in life and it results in that fulfillment that you crave, the freedom that you’re pushing for and the legacy that you want to leave. 

We’ve created Camp Luminary to give you exactly that. To take you from a “spread too thin entrepreneur juggling a family” into this unhurried, confident and clear founding family; from craving connection with your kids to being on the same page with them, nurturing their unique purpose and their gifts, helping them develop true confidence and pursue what they’re passionate about; from mindlessly following society’s plan for your family’s life to confidently standing up for your values and your calling and pursuing it courageously, guiding your kids from being influenced by their environment to positively influencing those around them, helping them become leaders.

But sometimes when you invest in coming to an experience like this, you get all the good resources and so much wisdom in those couple of days, and you come home and in that first week, you are flying high. But, then the team has demands, your clients have demands, your kids need help, somebody gets sick and something happens to the dog, and you just get lost.  

So, how could we make this something that wasn’t just going to be a flash in the pan for you? How could this be something that becomes a core memory for your family, a core experience that leads to a level of transformation that was not accessible to you before it. 

That’s our mission.

[6:01] First Ever Mastermind for Parents and Kids

So, we put our heads together as a team (since we are all entrepreneurial parents and are in the trenches with you) and we decided to create the very first mini-mastermind for parents and their kids, the entrepreneurs and the leaders they’re raising to come together.

We are a mastermind company, first and foremost. We run masterminds, we’ve been doing it for a decade, and we are really good at what we do. 

Through this, we want to help you really ground the family and bring you together, so that you can cast that vision and break out of some of the bad habits and the mindset that is not serving you or your kids. We want to unify you as a team before you come into camp, but we also want to support you after camp, to secure you in that transformation so that it lasts.

We’re talking about something that will change the future for your family. This is not an investment in just your business. This is something that when your kids think back on their lives, they will remember this work that they did alongside their parents, unified with you pursuing a greater mission, seeing their purpose and feeling like you are their leader and their shepherd in all of that and they will remember that this was the turning point.

[7:38] The Power of the Pack 

Now, by saying yes to Camp Luminary means you’re also receiving not only access to all the speakers, all the experiences, all the transformational resources and the coaching at camp itself, but the mastermind as well. 

We wanted to use this opportunity to bring your family together as you embark on this new mission. We love masterminds, we believe in the power of the pack, we know how lonely it can be as a parent, we know how lonely it can be as an entrepreneur. And we know it can be even more isolating as an entrepreneurial parent who feels like you’re constantly falling behind in both worlds, wondering how you’re going to do it all knowing that you’re called to both. 

Now, you are automatically going to be infused with the goodness of other people who are on a similar mission, you are going to be connecting with your kids, connecting with other leaders, feeling the support and the confidence-builder of seeing others willing to do it differently.

[10:07] Seize the Power of a Life-Altering Experience for You and Your Kids

If you’re not yet on the waitlist, make sure you get on it as soon as possible because we are only inviting from the waitlist and the spots are limited.

This is a very intimate, powerful event and I’m so excited to officially start inviting from this waitlist. I hope that you are one of those people who says “yes” to this and seizes the power of this life-changing, life-altering experience for you and your kids.

I hope today’s episode has inspired you to join us this summer at Camp Luminary and to transform both your business and your family! Make sure you join our waitlist at https://luminaryleadershipco.com/camp-luminary/. 

Come connect with me on Instagram at @elizhartke and if there’s a topic, a question or a guest you want to hear on the show or an idea you have for us, just reach out and share that.

We do this for you so the more you tell us the more we can serve!


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