Episode 6: The $500 Mistake That Put Us On the Map

July 26, 2021


Starting a Business Is Always a Rollercoaster.

Although we are not new to business and this new company launch has been an evolution from my start-up about a decade ago, we just launched a brand new company! So, today I am sharing with you some “behind-the-scenes” moments that were part of our launch, as well as the mistake that put us on the map. 


[2:41] Try and Stop Me

When you decide to accept your calling, you are putting a target on your back. You’re saying: “Okay, world I am about to do this new amazing thing, try and stop me!” So, expect the friction. Expect to be tested. Because this means that your calling chose you back. Leverage it and use it to craft you into the leader you have to be in order to get to that next thing.

[3:35] Behind The Scenes of Our Company Launch

When it came to launching, we knew that we wanted to do things differently. Instead of paying for ads to draw attention, we wanted to start a movement. We wanted something that felt in alignment with our values and our mission. In order to do that, we decided to center our launch around bringing people into this movement. So, we crafted a short list of industry leaders that we wanted to include in this movement and before we could even explain to them the details of what we were doing, they were already onboard. 

[7:07] The Plan

We started by creating our list. Our next step was sending out gifts, but we wanted to create a bit of a scavenger hunt process – we wanted to emphasize why we were sending THEM this particular thing. So, I created a personalized video for each of these individuals, telling them why they were going to be in the know of this launch before anyone else and asking them to reply with their physical address. Then, we created the most beautiful custom-made boxes and filled them with some amazing personalized things. With the wrong logo…

[11:00] Panic Sets In

I get a call on a Sunday night from our Operations Director who tells me that the logo on our personalized items (that were already packed and waiting to be shipped in the morning!) says Luminary Leadersip, including the logo on our mugs. My ego wanted to start over, my mind wanted to take this as a sign and forget the whole company… but I decided to come back to our company’s core values. And it became so clear to me – we needed to reprint only the printed stuff. We left the mugs and added a hand-written note inside each telling them the whole story and explaining to them our core values one by one.

[19:00] What Happened Next

 I didn’t really expect too much from it, but the messages started rolling in as soon as the boxes were being received. This one mistake didn’t put us on the map – how we handled it, how we used it for good, how we saw the lesson – that is what put us on the map.


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