Episode 41: Raising Luminaries: Ferris Bueller Lessons

November 25, 2021


Today, we’re talking about life lessons from Ferris Bueller. Stay with me for a second, I have a point to this crazy concept.

I miss the 80s and 90s. I love the movies that came out of those generations, one of which was one we all watched. So, today we’re talking about some of the learnings that might be counterculture that came from the movie Ferris Bueller and why they are amazing teaching points when it comes to raising luminaries.

This might be one movie you’re bringing back into your repertoire and reliving the magic of an 80s movie!

Let’s raise them up right!


[1:53] Hold Up a Minute

One of my team members, Caitlyn, recently shared a story with me that I felt was really worth the discussion on the podcast, especially in relation to raising luminaries. 

So, her preteen age daughter came home from school one day asking to watch the movie Ferris Bueller. Her friend had told her about it and she thought it would be a great option for their Friday family movie night. Caitlyn couldn’t remember all the specifics of the movie, so she decided to visit one of those “parent-guide sites” and remind herself. 

Reading through parent reviews, she stumbled on this one:

Although funny, Ferris Bueller romanticizes the idea of skipping school and this is not a message I want to send to my kids. We should be teaching them to follow all the rules no matter what. The language doesn’t bother me in this movie, it’s the idea that high school kids can get the better of the adults who are the authority.

Hold up a minute. Let me remind you a little bit about Ferris Bueller, and what wisdom we can glean from it. 

[4:50]  Still Get Those Good Grades, Still Focus 

Do you remember the way that school was portrayed in that movie? Kids were falling asleep blankly staring at the absolutely boring and uninspired teacher. Is that the message we want to send? Even though you’re completely uninspired, even though this is boring, even though this isn’t engaging your brain, even though this isn’t purposeful – still get those good grades, still focus.

I’m not arguing that we should promote skipping school or disrespecting authority. I think there are ways that you can teach kids to think critically, ask the right questions and push back on authority when appropriate, but in a respectful manner. The truth is when you think of the school system, they haven’t really changed much over the years. And many of the skills that are needed for a successful life, especially as an entrepreneur, would actually get you in trouble in school.

[9:31] What If They Fell In Love with The Stories 

The end of the story is that Caitlyn watched the movie with her girls. And in the last scene of the movie, Ferris is lying on the grass very proud of the day that he created for himself and he says:

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 

Then they went on to have a discussion about how there’s a time and a place for falling in line, following the rules, doing what’s expected of you, but that there’s also a time to make your own rules, to do things your own way, to pave your own path and how the values that they have as a family might look different than what are taught in school.

That to me sounds just like an entrepreneur.

[10:30] True North

If you’ve gleaned any wisdom from Ferris over the years, like we have on our team, one of the ways that you’re going to solidify this and figure out how to fit in in a society and a system that isn’t designed for the way you think is to visit https://luminaryleadershipco.com/truenorth/ and  get our free workbook.

This is going to be so helpful in the process of raising yourself up in leadership, choosing to be an entrepreneur, choosing to raise your kids in the entrepreneurial and leadership mindset and to be crystal clear on when are the times that I just follow the path ahead and when are the times that I blaze my own trail.


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