Episode 35: Raising Luminaries: Enabling Boredom

November 4, 2021


Right now we live in a world where we are constantly trying to fill every moment of our own time and our kids’ time with another activity, something that we can do with them to keep them entertained and happy. So, today’s topic might sound like a counterculture idea, because today we’re talking about the concept of enabling boredom.

Enabling boredom goes directly in line with the possibility for growth and leadership for our kids and as usual, this is something we should be putting into practice for ourselves; creating that space, that margin in our lives to have nothing that we are accountable to or nothing to entertain us or distract us and to see what comes from that. 

Let’s give the gift of boredom and raise them up right!


[1:47]  Go Outside and Play

I don’t think kids really use the phrase “Oh, I’m so bored” anymore because they constantly have something to distract them or entertain them at their fingertips. Not to mention the fact that you look at an average kid’s schedule these days, even as young as my children ( six, four, and two) and sometimes they are back to back with activities on weekdays and weekends. But there’s this idea that stems from creating the space and the margin to allow your brain to come up with its own ideas instead of being told what to think.

I remember growing up as a kid, constantly being told “Go outside and play.” And there wasn’t any special toy outside for me to play with, or even sometimes other kids to play with. So, I would have to get uber creative as to what I was going to do to entertain myself. And it was such a gift.

[3:57] Fostering the Creativity 

This creativity allowed me to explore and tap into different ideas that helped me identify what I loved and what I didn’t or what my skill sets were and what they certainly weren’t.

If we’re filling every moment of our kids’ time and we’re not giving them the opportunity to identify their own sparks, the things that light them up, we’re stripping them of the ability to foster this creativity and nurture the side of them that will explore and cultivate and innovate.

[4:32]  The Spark

We’ve created a workbook to help you with this, because when you are watching your children and you actually know what to look for, you can identify those sparks in your child.

So, head on over to https://luminaryleadershipco.com/spark/ to download this free workbook that you can work through each day, throughout the week with your kids to really unearth the pieces of them that you want to help cultivate and foster, because you can tell it’s a little piece of their soul that is begging to be developed.

[6:52] The Gift of Boredom 

So, look at the calendar and say: “Where can I build in this boredom time?”. Come up with a name for it that would be exciting; creativity time or time to spark.

Try and strip away the preconceived things and the predeveloped steps for your child so they can come up with the ones of their own. Now, I will warn you that this will be uncomfortable for a lot of kids, especially if your kids are older and are just used to having it another way. But, like with all things, treat your child with the respect they deserve. Tell them why, tell them what’s in it for them, help them get excited about the possibility of having this time, what it’s going to do for their mind and how they will come to love it and look forward to it.

So, although it might sound strange, give your child the gift of boredom.


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