Episode 19: Raising Luminaries: Teaching Through Story

September 9, 2021


Now, you might not think this is relevant to raising leaders, but it’s incredibly critical in the process of imparting the wisdom that we want our kids to take into their own lives as they step into leadership. 

And there’s no better way to do it than through story. 

So, if you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall sometimes, trying to get your kids to understand values or understand the things that you want them to embody and take on, let’s talk about why you might want to shift gears a little bit and lean on story. 

Let’s raise them up right!


[1:44] Teaching Through Story Is a Powerful Tool

Oftentimes, when I sit down to talk to my kiddos (2,4 and 6 years old) and I try to get them to fully grasp a concept, they look at me like I am speaking another language. And when we think about wanting to help our kids rise up into leadership, how are we ever going to get them to fully hear us? 

Through story. 

This is incredibly helpful even for those of you that are parenting teenagers or older kids, who might possibly hear us even the less because they have a life of their own and their own opinions. But trust me, teaching through story is a powerful tool no matter the age of the person you are talking to. 

[3:15] Leadership Is Not Innate

Storytelling is one of the most powerful means that leaders have to influence and teach their people. As a parent who cares deeply about raising a luminary, you are a leader. So, what tools you have in your belts are incredibly important when you go forth taking on this really daunting challenge. 

When it comes to my oldest son Jack, when I tap into those tool belts and I pull a story out to help really get that message into his mind and into his heart in a way that he can relate to it and see himself in the story – it changes everything. His mood shifts, his energy shifts, and he starts learning and understanding the things that I’m trying to get across to him without a fight, without a battle. 

And most importantly, it sticks. 

And when you are talking about something like leadership, this is a learned thing. We’re not born a leader, it’s something that you have to learn and develop. And story helps us learn. 

[5:38]  Connecting Through Story 

At the start of the school year, I sat down with Jack and asked him what were the things that he wanted to learn going into his curriculum this year, because the cool thing about homeschooling is you can really craft it to the child. He has a really big say in what he’s actually going to learn so he came up with a list of like 30 different things. Looking at all these topics and knowing that my six year old has an attention span like his mother, which means almost none, I’ve been really thinking about the different ways that I want to weave story into the process of teaching Jack on these subjects. 

Through story, I can weave in important facts, but I can do it in a way where he enters the story, where he relates to the characters and the plot line and emotionally connects to the content, so he can remember it and even repeat it back. That’s a key piece of leadership

[10:09] How Can You Weave It Into a Story? 

We all know someone who is a knowledge collector- they sit on a huge pile of knowledge but they don’t do anything with it. But the ones who can take the knowledge, digest it, remember it and repeat it back in their own way, are the ones who start to step into leadership because they start to lead people through their own teachings and through their own stories. 

So, my challenge to you as you go into this week is to think about five things that you’ve been beating your kids (metaphorically) over the head with, the things you’ve been trying to tell them and think – how can you weave it into a story instead? Let me know how it goes on Instagram!

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  • Try the challenge and let me know how it goes on Instagram!

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