Episode 135: Raising Luminaries: 5 Shifts to Make as a Family First Entrepreneur

October 20, 2022


You’re not just an entrepreneur, you’re not just a parent, you’re this beautiful combination of the two. And we’ve put a little definition together to continue to paint the picture of what that means. 

To us, a founder family captures the entrepreneurs who have successfully integrated their family and business into one powerful mission in life together, and it results in fulfillment, freedom and legacy. We’re raising luminaries, the people who will go on to inspire and influence others and who are prominent in their sphere. And in many ways, we’re raising ourselves up to be luminaries as well. 

If this sounds like you or who you aspire to be, today’s episode is going to give you a few key shifts to becoming and working towards being that family-first entrepreneur. Because it’s all about being a work in progress, the little decisions we make, those small 20 minute increments of our day that lead to the big picture, vision and legacy that we’re craving and creating in our minds.

Let’s raise them up right!


[2:35] Growth Happens in a Trusted Place

We’re going to jump into these five shifts to become a wildly successful family-first entrepreneur, who wants big things in their business, but wants it to be family-first.

Shift number one is going from having these (sometimes well meaning) insane expectations that we place on our kids, to helping them understand that growth happens in a trusted place where mistakes are welcomed and are seen as opportunities to stretch into who we’re called to be.

Imagine the gift this could be for your child. Help them paint a picture of the fact that even if a mistake happens, it’s not going to be catastrophic and they’ve got people in their corner to help them through it. Think about what this looks like in your day-to-day life; celebrating things like hard work, integrity, serving others and calling attention to the values and the character traits, instead of just the results. 

[5:26] Leaders Raise Leaders 

The second shift is going from telling them what to do to modeling it. To raise a leader, we need to be leaders and these lessons in life are caught not taught. 

We think we can tell them everything they need to be and do, but not be in full awareness of how we’re choosing to live. We need to model leadership to our children. This work truly starts with us. Include them in your day, bring them into your big decision and the brainstorming sessions that lead up to them. Talk about it at the dinner table, don’t hide the work you’re doing from them. Allow them to catch the goodness of what you’re learning and how you’re growing.

[7:13] Show Them the Power of Entrepreneurship 

The third shift is going from seeing your work as simply a paycheck, to seeing entrepreneurship as a powerful tool to raise our children to be innovative and contributing freedom seekers. 

This is so huge. We start our businesses super excited, with a great vision and with a great passion. But then we get into the rut and it just becomes a stressor in a hamster wheel. And that’s what our kids witness, instead of bringing them into the fray and showing them the power of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship can be one of the greatest tools that we use to raise our kids. Leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit is going to serve our kids, whether they start a business or not. So, let them into your world, highlight what it takes, tell them why you do what you do. It will become a part of their story too. 

[8:27] Break the Rules    

The force shift is going from feeling that societal pressure and conforming to the norm to having the courage to break the rules, to pave your own way as a family in pursuit of the mission that’s been placed on your hearts together.

We are bombarded day in and day out with other people’s opinions, with the ways of the world and it’s not necessarily in integrity with who we are called to be. If you don’t have your vision and mission as a family, it’s a lot easier to be swayed. If everybody is not a contributing member of that family working towards that mission and alignment with those values, it’s a lot easier for people to fall off track. 

So, when you think about your days, what could this look like? Maybe it’s saying “no” to that additional extracurricular activity. Maybe it’s homeschooling. Maybe it’s being that parent that says “no” to your kid having a phone when everybody else has one. The key here is to know what you stand for as a family and make decisions based on those values and stand firm together even when it’s hard.

[10:02] Business and Family 

The final shift is going from feeling split in two and overwhelmed, to bringing the same level of intention to your home as you do your work. 

Success is found when business and family can live in harmony. It’s not a perfect balance. There are definitely seasons, but they’re intentional. Our values of integrity and possibility and generosity and work ethic and love are reflected through our callings of entrepreneurship and in our home. We are not two separate people and therefore, we shouldn’t separate our work and home life but join them together. Because they’re a gift to our family, they’re a gift to our children, they’re a gift to us.

If you’re struggling with this, make sure you go to to download our free tool that will help you go from frazzled to laser-focused, get out of the overwhelm, get massive clarity and to start to work towards that vision as a wildly successful family-first entrepreneur.

I hope this episode helps you make some of these shifts so you can start getting out of the overwhelm and begin working towards being the family-first entrepreneur you’re called to be.

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