Episode 113: Raising Luminaries Summer Series: Pep Talk for Kids on Mindset

August 4, 2022


Today’s episode is an important one, because it’s the foundation that everything else is built on. 

Because if you don’t believe that things are possible, if you don’t open your mind in a way that allows you to see possibility instead of all the reasons why things aren’t going to work out, you’re going to continually hit roadblocks. 

Fear of failure is normal, it’s common. But what do you do with it? How do you approach it? How do you break through it? How do you get to the other side of it? So today, for our kids listening in (and honestly, for all the adults listening in too!), this is geared towards you and helping you expand that mindset to a place where it’s going to serve you to help you get to your goals, and to live the life that you’re called to live. 

Let’s raise them up right!


[1:57] What is Mindset?  

Our mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how we see the world and how we view ourselves. Our mindset influences how we think and how we feel. And then how we feel influences what we do or don’t do. 

So, we have to be able to work with those feelings because feelings are not what we base our actions on. So basically, it means if you think a certain way, you may make different choices because of the beliefs you hold or because of the way you think. 

[4:01] Entrepreneurial Mindset

Because you live in an entrepreneurial family, you very likely have different beliefs and thoughts than many other families around you. Because at least one of your parents has chosen the path of small business or entrepreneurship, they think outside the box and they see challenges as opportunities. They have a mindset towards feeling empowered to change the things they don’t like, they lean towards positivity instead of negativity and they see failure as simply a starting point or something that they can learn from.

Entrepreneurs think differently about the work that they’re meant to do in this world, how they impact those around them, how they want to make a difference and what freedom really means. The importance of leading and impacting others, instead of being impacted by those around us, is so crucial. It’s so important that we are developing a mindset that allows us to believe that we can make a difference, that we can help other people. Many entrepreneurs live by their values  and they stand up for what they believe is right and they’re instilling those values into their kids because they know that it’s going to serve them in their lives. 

[5:55] Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset  

Abundance mindset is the mindset of never worrying that there’s not going to be enough. It’s the mindset that there’s plenty. The opposite of an abundant mindset is a scarcity mindset. And that’s having a mindset of there’s not enough, and I have to protect what’s mine, and there’s going to be a shortage. 

So, someone with an abundant mindset would think that there’s plenty of ways that they can make money, that there’s plenty of money to go around, or plenty of clients to go around. But a scarcity mindset means there’s not enough of something and this can hold us back from going for our big dreams.

If we have that scarcity mindset, or we’re lacking that positive mindset, it means not everyone can achieve what they set out to do. But truly successful entrepreneurs see that possibility and instead of seeing all the ways that it can’t happen, they seek the ways that it can. So, think about how you would act differently if you believed that your goals are something that you can make easily, versus believing that it’s something that there was not enough of or it’s too difficult to accomplish.

That one mindset shift from scarcity or lack to abundance will set you up for success as you approach that work you’re going to do in the world. It’ll help you get back up when you fail. 

I hope this episode shows you the enormous power that a positive mindset and a positive outlook can have on your life and on your entrepreneurial journey. And if it did, make sure you share it with your friends! Tag us and let us know what you think, what you want to learn more of and what you’re going through. 

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