Episode 106: A Personal and Company Update (plus an exciting announcement!)

July 11, 2022


We have had such a wild year, both in business and as a family and I feel like I have so much to share with you all. Sometimes it’s hard to depict a true picture of what’s going on and I want to give a behind-the-scenes look at the Hartke family and the Luminary Leadership Company as we grow in real time.

So, if you’d like to be in the know and get a raw and real glimpse behind the curtain, this episode is totally for you!


[2:00] What Is Really Important 

We’re coming off the heels of one of the busiest and honestly, in some ways, most stressful years of my life. But at the same time there has been so much good and glory. It’s like the growth, the opportunities and the vision of what’s possible and what we’re tapping into have all been happening right in tandem with each other. 

I recently read a quote that has totally stuck with me (if you know who it’s from, give them the credit): Ask yourself what is really important, and then have the courage to build your life around the answer. It’s stuck with me because it’s really allowed us to continue to make really strong shifts and changes back to our roots and our values as a family and as a business. I think sometimes in the granular and in the day-to-day we lose sight of what is really important and we are not tapping into it consistently. 

[3:48]  A Little Backstory  

Before I get to the mega announcement, I want to explain a little bit of our backstory. 

We, as a family, have built multiple successful businesses. We’ve gotten to a place where some of those businesses are self-sustaining, and we have tapped into freedom over flexibility in our lives, which is such a gift. Then, a few years ago, we entered into a period where God was starting to call us to something new and greater, something bigger than us. And this was the humbling growth period that we went through as we were called to open the doors to the Luminary Leadership Company in order to serve both the current generation of entrepreneurial leaders and the leaders they’re raising. 

Breaking this new ground, came with a lot of stressors, failures, learning experiences and experiments in our everyday life. But there was so much trust and so much faith that this was for us and no matter how hard it got, we knew we had each other, meaning me, my husband, our kids and our team, which was growing. 

[6:53]  Turning Down a Dream 

Leveling up is almost never easy. If it’s a true level up, if it’s a true growth, if it’s a true opportunity, it’s not coming with great ease. So, over this last year, we’ve brought in new people, we’ve had to let go of some team members, we launched this new podcast and dropped over 100 episodes, and we have run seven successful events.

While all this was happening over the last year, I’ve been in talks with a company that I admire and respect probably more than any other company that exists on planet Earth. And they started pursuing me about working in partnership with them. This was the shiniest, sexiest, most lucrative opportunity that’s ever come across my path. Saying “yes” to this opportunity would have immediately broken me into a best selling book deal, it would have given me all the things that are literally my dream. But when I would really sit with it and just pray over it, it was really a calm and clear “no”. When I look at the Luminary Leadership Company, I know it’s the path for the long term for us. I know that abandoning it for what would feel easier wasn’t what I was being called to. Turning on that dream opportunity was a moment for me that led into something so much greater.

We’ve run three successful masterminds over the last year, including our high level leadership mastermind for business leaders that has been epic. We’ve launched the Raising Luminaries department of the Luminary Leadership Company. We have our Raising Luminaries Co(Op) which is our membership home for entrepreneurial leaders and the leaders that they’re raising. And we have Camp Luminary, which is the most fun event ever. But it’s also so profound and so impactful, helping entrepreneurs and those leaders that they’re raising, integrate family and business and come up with a family mission and clarity around their business and a level of connection and teamwork that they’ve never had before. 

[12:40]  The Big Announcement 

And finally our big announcement – we’re also growing our family!

I am pregnant right now with Hartke baby number 4! We are so overjoyed and so grateful. We’ve always known we wanted to continue to grow our family and to open our minds and our hearts to more life in our family. But when we found out we were pregnant with baby number four, from an “on-paper” perspective, the timing was tough; but from a “what matters most” perspective, the timing was perfect. 

I think too much of our time is spent looking elsewhere and outward at how everybody else is doing it and it slows us down in pursuit of what is actually for us. So, we’re putting blinders on, we’re having babies, we’re building businesses and we’re not doing it in accordance with anybody’s rules but our own. We are breaking the rules, we’re breaking the mold and we’re trying to inspire you to have the courage to do the same. If I’ve learned anything from the last year it’s been to stay in my lane and to run my race. What God is calling me to and how he’s calling me to it will never quite look the same as someone else.

[18:28]  Have the Courage

Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your life around that answer. 

The courage piece is the key here. Courage is one of the things that is lacking most in today’s world, specifically in the world of entrepreneurship. Everybody’s following the rules, so be a rule breaker, have the courage to lean in to creating a life around what actually matters most. That alone will set you apart in ways that you’ve been striving for and seeking.

I hope today’s episode helps you find the courage to break the mold and to start living life according to your rules and your rules only! 

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