Episode 103: Raising Luminaries Summer Series: Pep Talk for Kids on Casting Their Vision

June 30, 2022


We do this all the time – we are looking into the future, we are planning. But how often do we sit down with our kids and ask them what their vision is?

Today we want to talk to the kids about what it means to cast the vision for their lives.  Whether or not you become entrepreneurs is not the point. It’s about having eyes on where you’re being led, and where you’re being guided, and where you want to go next so that you can put together the stepping stones to get you there.

Let’s raise them up right!


[3:06] Entrepreneurs are Visionaries 

Entrepreneurs are naturally visionaries, they’re able to see something that they want to create that doesn’t yet exist, at least not in the way that they’re going to approach it. How cool is that?

Entrepreneurs are thought leaders, which means they’re bringing new ideas, new concepts, new things out into the world that don’t yet exist in the way that they are going to create it. Did you know that this is a skill that you can practice no matter what your age is, and you can start to work towards strengthening it so that someday you too can take a vision that you have and make it a reality?

[4:12] How Do You Cast a Vision? 

So, what do we mean by casting a vision and why is it so important? 

Vision casting means thinking about what you want for the future, and then working towards achieving it. Because otherwise time’s going to pass and we don’t end up where we want to be. We all have certain things that we want in our lives in the future, but we think that life will naturally take us there or time will naturally take us there. 

Growing up, I always wanted to be a basketball player, a professional basketball player. I played growing up and I developed some really strong skills. So, I started dreaming about college, I wanted to be a division one basketball player. I wanted to play at a high level. But when it came to what I was doing each day to try and make that vision come to life, they didn’t align, which is why I never became a division one basketball player. I was doing things the same way other kids were doing things. I was showing up to practice, putting in my time, and then going home and having fun or watching TV or doing what I wanted. But to get to the level that I wanted, I would have had to put in additional work, I would have had to get up early in the morning and put in more practice hours. I would have had to push myself harder. But I wasn’t doing that. And then when I realized I wasn’t being recruited at the level that I wanted to be, I felt disappointed. Why didn’t it happen for me when it happened for those other people? It happened for those other people because they casted the vision and they put in the work, they showed up for that vision. 

So, we want to help you start to think about some of the visions for your future and for your life. 

[8:37] Your Ideal Day 

Let’s start small and learn how to develop the skill of casting a vision by designing our ideal day. Because the vision is achieved in the day to day and the little choices you make each day. 

So, what does that ideal day look like? You can take some time and talk through this with your siblings or your peers or your parents and start to paint a picture and start to think about some of the things you might need to do each day to live up to that ideal day. 

  • What are some of the activities you want to do each day? Do you want to spend more time with your family? Do you wish you’d spend more time off devices? Would you want to be playing with your friends? Do you want to be working hard at the skills you want to develop? 
  • How do you want to feel each day? Do you feel stressed with all the work you have to do for school or do you feel lazy and tired? How do you want to feel? Start to write out or describe those feelings. What are the things taking away from you feeling energetic, or excited or happy or fulfilled? Are you spending too much time on your phone? Are you watching TV that has your mind thinking in a way that isn’t healthy? Are you spending time with people who drag you down? 
  • What are some habits that you could start to include and create in your life that would help you create that ideal day? What are the habits you need to change? What are the things that are not helping you make your vision a reality, and to live out that ideal day? And how are all of these things working towards a bigger vision or goal that you have for yourself?

[12:10] Your Vision Will Change and That’s Okay 

A quick note to parents: it’s not your vision. You are there as bumper lanes, not as the creator. They are the creator of this, and it will change and it will evolve. Their vision will develop with time and pursuing that vision and failing along the way or running into tough challenges, might guide them towards a new vision. That’s okay. They don’t have to get it right, but give them the space.

Kids have to become more self aware of how they spend their free time, how often do they just plug into a screen and it just eats away at their time, time that could be used for cultivating something new or fine tuning or mastering a skill or doing something that brings them passion in life. They have to become conscious of how they spend their free time and have to have an understanding of when they start to cast that vision that some of that free time might need to go towards pursuing that vision. 

If this episode spoke to you, go share it with your friends! Take this opportunity to learn how to cast that vision and become aware of what’s required. Make sure you tag us and let us know what you think, what you want to learn more of and what you’re going through. We want to hear from you – the kids and you – the parents.

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