Episode 101: Raising Luminaries Summer Series: Pep Talk for Kids on Resilience

June 23, 2022


A lot of us are going on road trips or taking vacations to the beach or doing different things together, as a family. Since all of our episodes are geared towards you, the entrepreneur, we wanted to shift our Raising Luminaries episodes for a couple of weeks and gear them towards your kids. That way, when you’re in the car or when you’re doing something as a family, you can have this short little clip that is not just directed at you, the parent, but your kids can tune in and gain value from it.

So, in today’s episode we’re speaking directly to children of entrepreneurial parents. Because let’s face it, sometimes messages they hear from anyone other than us (their parents!) are the ones they actually hear and absorb. It’s from that place that we want to create messages for your kids around the ideas of the entrepreneurial spirit and leadership and why it’s so necessary to develop these entrepreneurial skills.

And by the way, this is a small taste of what we have created inside our Raising Luminaries Co-op. We will be opening the doors in the fall so if you want to get on the waitlist, go to luminaryleadershipco.com/co-waitlist.

Let’s raise them up right!


[3:44] This is Your Family for a Reason

You were born into an entrepreneurial family, meaning your parents (or one of your parents) have chosen a different path than a conventional job, they have started something of their own. 

You are born into your family for a reason. This was not a mistake, it wasn’t an accident and one day, you’re going to look back on the time your parents invested in you, to instill values that may look different than those you’re seeing around you, and you’re going to understand really clearly that it helped shape you into who you became. That it helped you tap into possibility and your next level in a way that other kids didn’t have access to because you were raised in that entrepreneurial family. 

[5:40] Resilience 

Sometimes we face something or we experience something that feels almost impossible to get through. It could be a heartache or a pain that is so strong that we can’t even imagine getting on the other side of it.

Some people look at those things as the end of the road. But other people, people with the entrepreneurial spirit, people who have developed themselves in leadership, and the ones that are going to go on to be even more successful in the future, despite the fact they didn’t get what they wanted right now, are the ones that have learned to become resilient. 

This is what resilience means. It’s a mindset that’s going to serve you, no matter what you decide to do in your future. It’s the capacity or the ability to recover quickly from difficulties and having that mental toughness and that physical toughness to keep going. 

Does that sound like a character trait that you have? Or does it sound like one that maybe you could work on?

[9:53] How to Strengthen Your Resilience

Here are a few steps you can take to help strengthen your resilience.

  1. Be aware of when you’re facing a challenge and talk to someone you trust about it. Your parents will be able to help you decide what to do, and how to work through it, and how to solve the problem.
  2. Think about if what’s happening is a big deal or a little deal. Sometimes, some things feel like the end of the world. I remember wanting more than anything to get accepted to the University of Notre Dame. That was my dream. I applied in high school and when the letter came back in the mail saying that I’m not accepted, my heart broke. I thought it was the end of the world. I didn’t see that God had a bigger plan for me, that my plan wasn’t to go to Notre Dame, it was to do something else. Big deals are when someone’s really hurt or we lose someone we love; little deals are things that might anger us, or make us sad, but we can keep going, we can make a different choice, we can do something even better than what we wanted the first time. 
  3. Learn from those difficult times by reflecting on it and looking for the lesson in it. What could I learn from getting rejected by the school I wanted to go to? Well, I could learn that my grades weren’t good enough and I could’ve worked harder. I could also learn that God was showing me that he has a different path for me and I should trust him. So, take some time and sit with what happened and ask yourself what you can learn from that. 

[13:11] You Can Keep Going 

A quick note to parents: I think this is one of the most important pieces to Raising Luminaries – teaching our kids to keep getting back up, to develop a level of toughness that allows them to forge ahead despite everything life is bound to throw at them. 

You can keep going, you can keep pushing. 

If this episode spoke to you, go share it with your friends! Let us know what you think, what you want to learn more of and what you’re going through. We want to hear from you – the kids and you – the parents. Also, in a few months we’re again opening the doors for Raising Luminaries Co(op) so if you’re interested in diving deep into all of this as an entrepreneurial parent, make sure you get on the waitlist.

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