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What does it take to unlock your full potential as a leader and to break into your next level of success? We're sharing a better way to make more money, create more freedom, and have more margin to do what you love (all while making family a priority).







We believe that success in business and success in life go hand-in-hand, and that you’re the common denominator. 

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, it can feel like you have to choose between the life you dream of and the one you're living.

You’re a visionary, a leader, and an entrepreneur - but you’re also someone who deeply values family, legacy, and your time. So how do you balance it all? How do you reach new heights of success, while also cherishing the moments that matter most?

leadership. and we'll show you the way...

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"We believe that a strong, thriving business leads to a strong, thriving family. And more thriving families with freedom and prosperity will be what changes our world."

type 3, introvert, biohacking nerd, Mother Teresa/Michael Jordan super fan, with no interest in a hobby cuz she loves what she does

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I’m Liz, Leadership and Business Advisor and mama of four!

I’ve spent over a decade mentoring high-profile and high-achieving entrepreneurs, and the theme across the board: no matter the level, we face a lot of the same challenges. 

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that without leadership, we become our own bottleneck to the success and potential we’re called to in all areas of our lives. This show exists to challenge the leader in you to show up big - in business, and at home. 

The Luminary Leadership co Podcast

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Join host and Founder of the Luminary Leadership Company, Liz Hartke, as she has compelling conversations around what it means to break free from chasing success, and instead building a business that leads to true freedom, possibility, and connection with family.

Each week you’ll hear from Liz or noteworthy guest experts talking about the most important leadership topics - like leading a team, investing in your mission, legacy, wealth creation strategies, running a business and a family - and so much more.

Listen in each week to unlock your potential while keeping family first!

"Liz is a bold visionary with a refreshing approach to leadership. She helps you think differently about how you can rise above the to-do list and lead in both your personal and professional life-because they don't have to be exclusive."

— Kristin F

"Liz has impacted my family's life for the better and I am grateful for her leadership and guidance."

— Rachel dimatteo

"Liz helps you to grow and lead in your life and business, without sacrificing the things that you work so hard for in the first place."

— Imperfectly ambitious


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