Maverick Mastermind

The Top-Rated Mastermind Experience for Entrepreneurs who are Stressed and Ready to Scale to 6 Figures (or Their Next 6 Figures) and Beyond!

Increase your Influence, Income, and Time Freedom!


You love what you do and the potential impact you can make in the world, but you’re wondering when you’ll get your “big break.” 

You don’t feel like people know you. You’re certainly not the go-to person in your industry, not yet anyway. You’re struggling to crack that next level of income and visibility while your peers seem to be lapping up all the attention. You feel burnt out, uninspired, and unfulfilled. 

This was supposed to be your “dream business” —

so what happened?

Before you read any further, the way you’re feeling… is totally normal and valid.

When I first tried to scale my own business, I had all of these “feels,” too. I was hustling and on the fast track to burnout without actually taking any steps in the right direction. I craved more income, clarity, and freedom.

Today, I run a multi-million dollar business. I’m considered the go-to expert in my field and regularly get featured in the media and am invited to speak on stages. I do all of this while banking plenty of time with my family on our sweet little farm. 

I created the Maverick Mastermind as an experience that I wished was around when I was fumbling through scaling my own business.  


What they say


“Hands down my business and work/life balance is 110% better since joining this mastermind. I never would have imagined I could launch a podcast and a coaching program in less than four months in!”
Holly HaynesCrush the Rush
Holly Haynes
“I like Elizabeth’s style and have learned a lot from her approach. She really did think about each client’s specific business individually, while also teaching about overall business strategy that can be applicable to all. My biggest ‘ah-ha’ moment was getting excited to create an offer after one of my office hour calls with Elizabeth.”
Aly Higgins WheelerWheelerhouse LLC
Aly Higgins Wheeler

This mastermind

is for you if:

  • You’re already generating revenue but want to double or triple your income. 
  • You’ve hit the 6-figure mark, but feel capped at your current revenue and are tired of trading time for money. 
  • You have a few contractors as a “team,” but it doesn’t feel cohesive or effective. 
  • You’re ready to build a powerful passive product suite.
  • You want to surround yourself with an incredible group of impact-driven entrepreneurs devoted to up-leveling their businesses and lives.
  • You are coachable and you’re ready to put in the work that’s necessary to build a sustainable business.

This mastermind

is not for you if:

  • You wear “hustle” like a badge of honor, even though your relationships and health are falling apart. 
  • You’re too afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help. 
  • You’re looking for a quick fix and don’t want to put in the necessary work.
  • You struggle to take constructive criticism and input.

Outcomes you can expect:

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Experience personal and business breakthroughs while creating the roadmap to build the business that enables you to live your life vision.
  • Make amazing connections that turn into genuine partnerships with long lasting benefits.
  • Map out your offerings so they’re a reflection of your true strengths and gifts.
  • Instead of nailing your niche, feel confident carving out your own piece of the market.
  • Gain the confidence to break through your money and visibility fears and monetize all of the amazing ideas you’ve kept from the world in your notebook.
  • Stop stressing about closing the sale and learn how to become a leader who naturally magnetizes aligned prospects who are ready to buy.

In the Maverick Mastermind,

you will:

  • Collaborate with a select group of impact-driven entrepreneurs as we take the guesswork out of branding, marketing, business & personal growth.
  • Receive mentorship and support from Elizabeth to break out of the grind, scale your empire, and become known as the sought-after expert in your space.
  • Get direct access to Elizabeth’s personal Director of Operations and Integration & Marketing Specialist to help you finally get all your marketing, systems, and processes in order. This is worth the price of admission, alone!
  • Become part of a tight-knit, exclusive group who are completely committed to supporting and lifting each other up.
  • Full access to the Scaling Up Your Business Course – a proven framework to scale without sacrifice!

What they say


“Elizabeth is very seasoned in coaching and guiding other entrepreneurs to branch out of their current business model(s) and adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset….I appreciate Elizabeth’s perspective, which is largely based on her experience. She wasn’t afraid to share with us the mistakes she made in the past so that we could avoid making the same ones on our journey. ”
Sarah Camden
Sarah Camden
“I appreciate the way Liz broke down the complicated into bite sized chunks that were actually do-able. I’ve done other programs that required too much to be done each week while working, momming, and all of the other things that Left me feeling like a failure because I fell behind early and could never catch up.”
Jennifer Lormand
Jennifer Lormand
“I appreciated Elizabeth’s focus on our development as whole individuals, on our businesses as part of our lives. She’s consistently pushed us to keep moving, to build momentum – but not at the expense of our families and values.”
Emily Whipple
Emily Whipple


Hey there, I’m Elizabeth.

I’m incredibly passionate about building the next generation of leaders and I’m so happy that you’re considering the Maverick Mastermind.

I’ve built a multi-million dollar business, leading a team of over 10,000 people, and earned top-ranking industry awards. I host a successful podcast, have spoken to audiences of tens of thousands, and my advice has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur

I don’t attribute success solely to balance sheets, awards, or racking up media appearances. The most important thing to me is family, living in integrity with what I believe, and freedom. My barometers of success are how I raise my children, the freedom in my schedule, whether I’m prolific in my work, and the wealth I’m building (and the impact I can make with it) – and that’s the wisdom I want to impart to other entrepreneurs so they can become a generation of inspiring leaders instead of grinding away as the unfulfilled bottleneck in their business. 

My purpose is raising up our next level of leadership so that we can create generational change and wealth and leave behind a powerful legacy. 

Your Investment

To learn more about joining the Maverick Mastermind, please BOOK A CALL WITH OUR TEAM. 

We are seeking entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to invest in making their vision come to life. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a program this comprehensive at this value.

Pro tip: Invest as the leader you’re becoming, not the entrepreneur you’re trying to grow out of.

Are you ready to scale up your influence, income and time freedom? 


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