Episode 38: How to Shift Their Perspective with Magnetic Messaging with Brandon Lucero

November 15, 2021


Today’s episode is going to help you magnetize the right people into your space, it’s going to ensure that the work you’re doing and how you’re doing it feels aligned and like it’s leading towards more than just more profitability (which is also another byproduct of today’s conversation), but it’s also leading towards more purpose behind the work you’re doing. 

My conversation today is with my friend and someone I respect and admire in business and in life, Brandon Lucero. Brandon is the Founder of the Video 4X Methodology, which fixes and elevates content inside of online brands and companies. He’s responsible for literally millions of views and products sold online by focusing your content and messaging on changing beliefs, shifting perspectives and the psychology of engagement, selling and behavior.

This is a really deep and meaningful conversation that incorporates methodology and strategy as well as purpose, alignment and leaning into your greatest priority. So, get ready!


[3:39] Brandon’s Journey 

Brandon was never a fan of formal education, but he was able to get a scholarship to UC Irvine as a runner. In his freshman year, during “Hell Week” he broke his back and went from being one of the best runners in the country to learning how to walk again. As a result of this injury, his Lyme disease reactivated and after two and a half years, he decided to leave college and go work for his dad who had a video production company. Unfortunately, the company went under, leaving Brandon jobless without a college degree to fall back on.

After that, he decided to go back to what he knew best – video. He started with selling his videos for $200 a piece to then selling them for $1,000-2,000 a piece, offering marketing of those videos, meeting mentors, creating a program around teaching other videographers how to go and sell their services, teaching messaging and eventually, creating the Video 4x Effect. 

[10:14] It’s a Gift 

Brandon’s story is not just about his business. It’s about resilience, courage and the willingness to keep going. 

We all have different skills, things that we’ve learned, things that we can fine-tune and improve on. But we also have our innate gifts that God gives us as when we’re born and it takes a lifetime of cultivating it and figuring out what it even is. And sometimes, those things are finally found only in the moments of deep challenges or struggles. Brandon explains that now when he reflects back on his journey, he realizes that every step was 100% necessary because it all led him to uncovering the gift of messaging and communication that he had no idea he even had. 

We never know what’s next for us, but if we stay open and we receive those trying moments as challenges that we’re going to grow through and that are going to shine a light on what we’re called to, they really are gifts. 

[14:22] Shifting Perspectives

Brandon uses his video content and his strategies to shift perspectives. In my opinion, this is a critical part of leadership, because it helps people see things through a different lens, it helps open up the gateway to what’s actually possible for them. 

We make around 40,000 to 60,000 decisions a day. Most of these decisions are made by our subconscious using the information it already has, but none of those decisions are necessarily true. The reason why this is so important is because when we’re creating content for an audience or for a customer, we have to understand that the audience and their subconscious is automatically doing that about the industry.

There are industry standards that people just accept the right way or the best way and maybe they are, but over time those industry standards start to not be so relevant and effective. So, what Brandon does is he helps people identify what these industry norms are, what are some other limiting beliefs that the audience might have about themselves and how to actually craft communication, and craft content that gets people to see things differently. Because when you shift someone’s perspective, you literally start to shift their reality.

[22:56] Beliefs, Identities and Core Values

Shifting someone’s perspective doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll build a connection with them. What you want to do, in combination with shifting perspectives, is incorporate beliefs that are related to the business, our identities and our core values.This will start to attract people who are most like us and form a connection on a subconscious level.

At the same time, you have to be careful. Sometimes, people will take a political stance or a stance about a topic that is currently popular in the media, and this may result in pushing their audience away. So be really intentional, think through what beliefs you want to keep in your business and then stay consistent with it. 

Thought leaders don’t go back and forth on their beliefs. A lot of people take an approach to online business as being an influencer and not a thought leader. You have to think of yourself as a thought leader who has a business wrapped around your thought leadership. An influencer is someone who is here to entertain, get followers, get eyeballs – thought leaders are here to make a real long lasting change, they are here to make the world a better place.

[30:11] Video Is Just a Vehicle 

When it comes to shifting perspectives, video is just a vehicle. You can also do this via audio, ads, images, emails. But the reason why Brandon prefers video is because the visual component allows you to easily share your beliefs and core values. 

Also, video allows you to use Facebook’s ThruPlay Campaign that only bills you for ads that are played for at least 15 seconds. It also offers you many different ways to target your audience, increasing your traction. So, if you have an amazing perspective-shifting video that reveals your identities and core values, that gives you a different thought leader stance inside of the space and you run that to a thousand people overnight, you can get traction very fast.  It’s also a great way to test messaging as well as communication. The best part is it only costs you one penny per view. 

But, whatever form of content you decide to use, remember that it’s nothing more than a vehicle. So, whether you want to do it in a podcast, or a professional video, a cell phone video, and image…those are all vehicles; they don’t make or break your success. 

What you say, your messaging, what you’re communicating – that is what makes or breaks your success.


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