Episode 147: Raising Luminaries: Important Announcement About Some Changes Happening

December 1, 2022


If you could only be a fly on the wall of our team meetings lately, around what’s brewing over here, it would make for quite the reality show! So much is changing and evolving within our company and this podcast. 

Today, we have a really important announcement to share a bit more about where we’re going next and why, what we’ve been called to and how we’re making some major changes. So buckle up, because things are going to be changing and I’m bringing you all the details in this episode.

Let’s raise them up right!


[1:37] Our Mission Has Not Changed

A few years ago, when God placed this idea of raising luminaries on my heart, I didn’t really know what to make of it. I didn’t know what it meant. 

I sat down with my notebook and I wrote it down across five pages. I read through it and it felt so amazing. And then I closed the notebook and put it away. For nearly two years, I told myself every story and reason why it was a crazy idea or why I wasn’t qualified or ready. Then, after two years I took the leap and Raising Luminaries was born. 

But it was born alongside all that already existed in the Luminary Leadership company and it was a lot and it was really challenging. We already had a business in motion, growing, exceeding our expectations, needing a full team and then this concept of raising luminaries was a whole other beast. So, over the last year in a year of testing and trialing what’s best going to serve parents and their little luminaries, we discovered we were doing it in a way that felt convoluted because we were trying to combine everything into one. We felt really compelled to raise you up so that you could become the leader that you need to be and the entrepreneur that you need to be so that you could then go on to raise the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. But what we found was, there are a lot of hungry people for this message that weren’t necessarily just entrepreneurs. And the world is certainly aching for an avenue to leadership and possibility for kids that isn’t being provided in the schools and society as a whole. So there’s no question our mission has not changed. But how we run it is going to change because there’s more possibility behind it.

[5:18] Raising Luminaries Is Getting Its Own Home

So the Luminary Leadership company as a whole is growing, and it’s evolving to serve you better. We understand the constant battle that entrepreneurs face while trying to grow their businesses without having to sacrifice freedom or family in that process. And we really do believe that there’s a better way to achieve success that protects those things that matter most to us, which is why we created processes and resources and programs to help equip overwhelmed entrepreneurs so they can become those confident leaders that their business and their family need them to be. And that will continue to be our Luminary Leadership branch of our company. 

But Raising Luminaries is going to have its own home. It’s not just going to be tacked on to this podcast like it has been up to this point, because I feel like it belittles the mission at hand. In my opinion, there is no greater gift than to pour into our children well and I feel like it deserves more than a Thursday episode on a podcast geared towards entrepreneurs. It deserves a home where it can be nurtured and it can bloom into its full potential. 

[7:07] What’s Next

So, technically this is going to be the final Raising Luminaries episode here on the Luminary Leadership podcast, because Raising Luminaries will be launching its own podcast in the new year. 

We are on a hefty mission to help parents equip their kids for success in a world that’s just not going to do it for them and we’re expanding the brand as well. So more resources, more curriculum, more experiences, more support – all the things that you guys have been asking for that we just felt like we didn’t have the capacity for when everything was just kind of mushed together. So, if you’ve been enjoying the conversations around raising leaders of your own, you’ll want to be the first to know when we launch the new and improved Raising Luminaries so make sure you go, because that’s where I give all the behind the scenes details of what’s coming and when and how it’s going to work.

And most importantly, we really want to hear from you because we want to bring you exactly what you’re craving around raising successful and thriving kids. So please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected] and just let us know what you want more of. Did you love the tech series? Do you want to go deeper on that? Do you want to talk more about resilience or what kids are facing or raising confident kids? What is on your mind and where do you need support? Let us know and your topic might be one of our first featured on the new show.

Thank you for going on this journey with us. As we close Raising Luminaries here on Luminary Leadership podcast, keep in mind that this is really just a rebirth of something really special that will be taking place very  soon. So, head on over to to get all the details.


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